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October 21, 2015 has been and gone and it not only celebrated Back to the Future as a franchise, but also the day that Marty and Doc arrived on the date in the 1989 sequel.

Suffice to say that it got a lot of the predictions right from video conferencing, 3D movies, large wall-mounted widescreen smart TV screens, google glass, holographic celebrities, Mr. Fusion technology realised in Toyota's Mirai (which translates to Future) converting garbage to hydrogen and the nostalgic factor of the 80's in regards to music and movies being enjoyed today.

The story deals a lot with causality and effect; in that the simplest change you make in your past could have disastrous implications on the future which is demonstrated when old Biff from 2015 takes Marty's Sports almanac and steals the DeLorean and goes back to November 12, 1955 and hands the book to his teenage self citing that this will make him rich beyond his wildest dreams.

This all comes to when Doc & Marty return to a dystopian 1985 where Biff is rich, corrupt and powerful and George McFly is dead courtesy of Biff killing him in 1973.

I like that this was slightly darker when compared to the original in 1985 where there were dark aspects of what would happen to Marty if he didn't repair the damage from interfering with his parents' first meeting that would likely see him erased from existence. Although he alters the course of his future; it's done in a way that his Father realised his full potential rather than not standing up for himself and his Mother ends up being happier upon his return to 1985 where he sees his parents looking in more shape, happier and where his siblings are leading more prosperous careers and lives.

It's an interesting concept to have a sequel that revists the first movie where Marty is essentially watching from the shadows and trying to avoid his earlier self that travelled back to 1955 a day earlier in the story.

The movie does reuse some of the motifs from the first movie where Marty will get into a scuffle and run to use a skateboard of some discript and end up owning a gang in some amusing fashion or Biff crashing into a manure truck. But that said; the makers do try to do it slightly different and fresh each time.

What I have noticed right from when the franchise started is that each scene feeds you with information that foreshadows what will go on later. The time circuits malfunctioning before they head back to 1955 displaying Jan 1, 1885 which is foretelling of the third movie in the west and how Doc says he will destroy the time machine and devote his life to study the greatest mystery of the universe. women. which is then in-turn foreshadowing his meeting with Clara Clayton.
What makes this kind of writing so much better when compared to movies that have come after this franchise is that the information fed to you is subtle and makes you think what is going later and then you think back to when the information is given to you it begins to make sense.

No scene nor dialogue is wasted and it all counts. From when Marty gets a glimpse of how his adult life was somehow messed up when old Biff tells him about the automobile accident in Part 3 where he would have hit a Rolls Royce and Marty learns to change as a person into not letting allowing his courage to be questioned if someone called him chicken.

26 years on and it's still an amazing movie that has bridged so many generations from the people who first saw it in the 80's to now that have been introduced to it by their relatives and really love the characters, the writing and how it has remained fresh and contemporary throughout all these years.

We have come Back to the Future.


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