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Everyone loves Halloween, even the world's greatest superhero team. If you're like me, a great Halloween costume is a must. So, just in time for trick 'r' treating, I am here to share what each hero on the Avengers team will dress as for ole' Hallows Eve. Check out the list below!

1. Hulk as The Grinch

They're grumpy. They're green. But we still love them.

2. Thor as Magic Mike

Because with a body like that, it would be criminal not to!

3. Scarlet Witch as Winnie (Hocus Pocus)

I mean, how can she not? Witch is in her name, so it makes perfect sense that she would play the head witch of everyone's favorite sistaaahs!

4. Black Widow as Regina George (Mean Girls)

Queen bee of the Avengers. Queen bee of Halloween.

5. Captain America & Hawkeye as Alan & Phil (The Hangover)

The frat bros of the group, of course, are doing a buddy costume. Because, brah, it's classic.

6. Iron Man as Iron Man

Costume? Stark doesn't do costumes.

What costume did you like the most? Blast off in the comments below! Oh, and Happy Halloween :)


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