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With all the moaning and groaning of the fanboys of the ending. I actually enjoyed it. Because, all it's leading to was Ted and Robin. Oh and for those who aren't sure which is which, this is the cast.

the cast
the cast

*Cue theme music*

And now, let's look at the facts, Ted loves Robin because, she's his real first love after a long time. But Barney loves Robin because, they hang out all the time, and as I've said, love is really about knowing somebody and being around them, and truly the character development of it. But, then you would think I would side more with the love of Robin and Barney right? Well, yes and no. For you see Barney and Robin actually dated once, and for me Barney has his nature, and was always going to be that nature unless there would be something tying him down at the end. Which was kids. As we know from the ninth season from his mom that Barney actually wants kids, but is willing to sacrifice, if Robin and him go the long run.
Which is weird seeing how Barney really hates marriage in the beginning. And having kids also changed him in more than one. For me, it's all about psychology. Barney would always be tied down if he had kids because he was abandoned as a child himself, and thus, spent his whole life empty and sad, because he was always going to try to find a way to settle down. Even though he tried hard to avoid it himself. As the saying goes "there is no stopping destiny".

Also, Ted can't stop loving Robin because he keeps hanging around with her and I guess that goes the same for Barney as well. And that's something of a problem with friends. As we can see in the final season Robin takes this into fact and finally leaves the group, of course in her pursuit of her career. But, the fact that Ted would physically do anything and everything for her and wouldn't stop at any cost because, he equates it with nostalgia and definitely from knowing her from all these years as well from being friends to being in a relationship and trying to be friends again. It all comes down to the wire in the end. But of course, there's nothing more to support Ted's incessant quest to find a love one other then Marshall and Lily.

For me these two really spark fires when it comes to Ted's love life. And I know it all comes from a good place but really don't you feel sometimes it's a little too harsh. I mean take those laughter scenes away, and your left with this morose that you can see from his face. Especially when Marshall asks him about his love life openly and asks him to get his 'act' together. I mean it's not like Ted is not trying he is, and by the final season he openly admits to liking the single life, because it's fun and he didn't have to worry so much and he knows that he needs to find it by himself, but for me at times, it gets a little much between them all. Especially Lily who doesn't really make it better by making everything more complex. Yeah she gives good advice, but really, she just reiterates everything Ted already knows, hammering in, what he already understands and lusts after. That's why he wants a perfect woman.
Sure he envisions it but people usually settle for something a little less. And it's all because they forged it in their own heads, and not reinforced over and over again. The difference, is this, one, dissolves over time, due to maturity, a new perspective over life and the other, a basic conformity rule.

Now it doesn't help that Ted did get his perfect little flower girl that Marshall put oh so delicately which I can't repeat here just in case, but seriously, there should have been complications to notice by then. And yeah I, I get it the death was kind of rush and I kinda knew like they were gonna go that route because he recalled it so fondly and lovingly. But otherwise, I thought it was too simplistic, yeah it's true that it took a long time to get here but there's a real reason to that.
As I've said before, Ted needed to learn his lessons by himself! And not others helping him learn it. Sure he needed a helping hand or two at times, but that's about it. It wasn't actually very helpful that Ted hung around with his friends a lot. And that's basically the show about actually. It isn't really that gooey romantic show, it's about the good times, the nostalgia. But one very important thing was to learn. The show is actually not very subtle about it in fact they keep hammering it in.
For example, Barney is the main focus of the group because he represents Ted's freedom. Ted's single mind. He is there to teach him how to "live" which, is in fact the single life, and is always on him, because well one, technically Barney didn't really have other friends, and two because, it was Ted's single life and how he would envision it, to have an easy time charming the ladies and the ability to have that suave look about him. And really by the end of it they share the same love interest, because again, he is some sort of representation, and Barney did say that the rule is if you want to get married don't do it till your 40 and maybe at that point he was reaching that point of his life. And definitely some persuasions here and there as well to settle down and have a family of his own. And Barney regressed just because that's what he does when he breaks up with somebody, it's just not out of nowhere. I mean he says it himself, like he's a broken person that needs to deal with hurt in his own way.
And for him it was being a playboy, and yes, marriage should have changed at least something, but remember, he was abandoned as a kid, and thus, it was a harsher when they got divorced because he felt abandoned again.

Robin is the love interest because she represents someone new. Why? Well for one thing, she is from Canada and she has no friends, so duh, join the group right, and as I've said before character development and definitely she was somebody meant for Barney because, she shared the same traits as him. But we all know that in the end traits don't really win, it's in the heart that matters. And in the end I think Barney did have a point. I mean look yeah, it's fine for women to have a career but remember Barney was left by his dad, and that's a deep emotional scar for someone especially guys, because they need strong male role models. And of course when he got married he thought that his wife would always be by his side and of course is not, and thus, he gets frustrated and tired and stressed by all the things that were happening. And for Ted, she represented the chance to try being romantic again, and just something of an addiction. That's why he steals the blue french horn for her and deliberately tries to find the necklace for her, even though Lily advised against it. She also reflected his impulses and desires, of something free and independent, because deep down, that's what he really wanted, someone he could find that he couldn't stop loving nor stop thinking about it and yeah in the end he got his wife Tracy, but again remember that first loves are always the hardest to forget, and for me Robin was the real first love of Ted after high school and college.

So the blue french horn from being this;

blue french horn from the first season
blue french horn from the first season

to this;

blue french horn from the final season
blue french horn from the final season

is actually the significant hold. Because, it represents his true romantic abilities taking shape and hold and finally be able to be realized. Now don't get me wrong the story is still pretty rushed by the end of it but then again, that's why the kids stopped him from ending the story because we know that the story would always have some sort of continuation because that's life and while it's true that he got his perfect girl that he dreamed of all the time, the fact still stands that he actually wanted something else. And that is Robin.

And then there's Marshall and Lily, these two are always like the parent figures of the group, but mainly Ted. Why? Well because they were roommates first of all; Marshall and Ted, but soon after, Ted and Marshall became best friends and thus, Ted always supported Marshall in his decisions, even though it hurt him a little that Marshall was the one to get someone so fast. And the fact of the matter is this, Lily is sort of the reflection of Ted's hope of getting a girl. Like it's that kind of destiny girl that actually makes up the destiny, but still, the love is still there. And thus, actually made him crave it more because he always hung out with them and was always the third wheel. But it wasn't always one-way traffic of course. Marshall and Lily depended on Ted on the earlier parts because Ted is somebody who is a responsible person. So in the earlier parts, they were more like his crutch then anything, and in trying to help him with his love life, again, actually slows the process of it.

A lot of people said that How I Met Your Mother has a lot of jumping the shark moments the biggest one being Barney and Robin's love story but for me there's no such thing because that's just a natural progression of life and I still stand by it even though a lot of people don't. For one simple reason which is the same reason Ted and Tracy's love was meant to be; which is, they were soulmates.

Now in the end the biggest lesson of How I Met Your Mother is; *drumroll*, to find yourself. Yes! That's the biggest lesson. Remember how there were two points in his life where he could bump into his wife, but didn't because he was searching deep inside if she was really the one, that he really wants. But, wasn't. Why? Because at both points he was alone, but remember always accompanied with Barney. Whether it be real or in the mind, because, again Barney, is his perspective, and his single life. And also, remember that to find yourself is to come to terms, with his own insecurities and that's just it. Like Ted always wanted something romantic, and maybe just a little imperfect and not just the dream that he has. And for me that's something very deep that I just love about How I Met Your Mother, and the ending with the blue french horn, will always be just the right thing.


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