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Grand Theft Auto 5 the open world game that is known by almost the entire world. The game broke industry sales records and became the fastest selling product in history after making $1 billion in its first three days .

Players try to make the game as fun as possible by adding mods into the game, and some awesome fan-favorite mods feature Marvel's Avengers.

One of my favorite GTA V YouTubers is Typical Gamer, who tries a lot of mods and some of them can be seen below:

Captain America Mod

You can see Michael wearing Captain's suit and shield. The suit is detailed and the shield is uncanny to the one used in the movies.

Iron Man Mod

GTA X Scripting has tried this mod and shared it on YouTube. I think you can see that it's Trevor inside the suit, but I'm not sure . The mod is unique and can also fire lasers!

Hulkbuster Mod

This mod was shown by alexby11. It's pretty awesome, and shows him lifting cars, flying around and firing lasers.

Thor Mod

So, this dude BREAKSTORM made a Thor mod! pretty impressive. Also, the lightning means this truly is the great Trevor Odison—OOPS, I mean Thor.

Hulk Mod

This mod was created by JulioNIB. Its not a perfect mod since the body splits when it moves, but it is a pretty impressive one nevertheless. The power that Hulk has in this mod is, for lack of a better word, AWESOME!

So, these four Avengers got to have their awesome cameo appearance in GTA V, complete with some powers. The other members of the Avengers, such as Black Widow or Hawkeye had a skin change mod for their, but didn't have any of their powers, skills or equipment.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Leave a comment on what you thought about these mods or if you tried them out yourself!


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