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We have seen a list of intruding villains in the history of Comics and Cinemas started from Joker to Agent Smith to Dark Vader. Everyone became a phenomenon in his own way either by Challenging our Psychology or Our philosophy based upon the Human Evolution. One name always taken in respect which doesn't started his expedition in our minds by challenging A Knight or Our conception of reality but just with a mouth-shut Hideous element from our own mentality. That hideous element is nothing but the lust beautifully merged with our Appetite - Yes, Cannibalism and I'm talking about none other than Hannibal- The cannibal.

Why Hannibal is the Greatest Villain of all time ?

Character Analysis- Why he's different.

Remember the biggest villain which lives in the memory of our since from the start of Human evolution is none other than DEVIL.

I remember the picture of devil in my childhood - A Bad human like creature having its own followers living inside or between us, Eats people mentally or physically and has an agenda which is unethical according to our social norms. One day I suddenly realise that Hannibal is the most accurate representation of this Devil.

1. Right from the beautiful roads of our mental seclusion where we always wanted to accept something unique inside us but have a fear of being alone , A suave man rises bashing the aristocracy of human civilisation where whatever seems beautiful probably acceptable. Hannibal doesn't have any proper agenda or his presence doesn't require anyone like other character do for example Joker- Needs Batman.

On contrary He's just a person living among us which challenges the codes of our society and forced others to involve with him either due to curiosity or due to their motivational needs. Sometime Hannibal confuses the people whether he's living up his life or just playing something under an agenda either its Clarice or Will Graham. But initially he's just a devil representing the other side of coin living among us while satisfying his needs.

2. For Hannibal, the whole world is the part of his laboratory. If he's helping someone he's just applying this theories and even though person knows, he/she falls into the pit of aesthetic mazes. Its just a game or we can say motivation for him to proof others wrong, while challenging the perception they had either upon other or upon themselves. But the perception of others is just a waste of their mental space for him.

3. Hannibal's way of living, Dressing and Looks is a Sarcasm upon whatever we think is right but he's still bad. On the other hand Joker's way of living, Dressing and Looks is a sarcasm upon whatever we consider wrong but still he's Logical/Right. Hannibal is an perfect example of civilised society from outside and his psychopathic nature is the reality of humans from inside. We want to kill for satisfying our needs on the name of many reason, so do Hannibal have their own - Kill the RUDE. He always believe upon the beauty of after life and a need to respect the dead people which we have never seen in any character yet. Hannibal's motive is not killing or stopping someone but have a much broader reason on the psychological platform which may remain unappreciated due to the indulgence of audience in Aestheticism. And that's what this character always wanted either inside his fictional story or upon audience, to fall for him.

4. The "acceptance" might seem like a little word but either the mathematical theories, Philosophies or every text or thought need a simple basic thing known as Acceptance. A plant need acceptance from the land and Land need the same during erosions. This means acceptance lead us to none other than growth. When i see many other villains, a mind set of "I'm right" but that's not the case with Hannibal. He always accepted the ray of light inside many people and always tried to avoid them from their path either in the case of Will Graham or Clarice Staring. Hannibal as an character loved these characters in his own way by guiding their actions or their motivations. Many times saved them just for the sake of his love for these character or just want to have the best piece in the end, But during this whole time he always accepted the decisions or their perceptions of others.

5. Whatever mindset you have for Hannibal but Hannibal is the most human character ever made. The pillars of this character is the Misunderstanding, Misinterpretations and Misconceptions of Human race. Hannibal have sheer belief over man kind maybe in a negative manner but he always consider this race ahead of anything like Religion, God and Ethics. These are the points at last end up with the hypocrisy or a competition which doesn't have any fragments of development in it. The philosophy which build Hannibal being far more than just a Cannibal, is never explored in other characters or even explored in fragments but lacks depth which needed.

Hannibal as a Cultural phenomenon

Yes the popularity of a character is a Resume for his acceptance between the people. Started from the Comic cons with many man having mask upon his face is the symbol of Hannibal or Just a mere suit with all Italian Suaveness is the physical presentation of Hannibal. Hannibal series is already including many other options like Big Horns/Black Face or just a Flower Crown on head.

The popularity of Hannibal in Literary work and educational Articles (Psychology) is tremendous. This character might not be the cup of Tea for everyone and according to many other may be little bit less cool than other masked man with flashy dresses but for sure the minds who love the thoughts, this character might be a blessing to walk in their mental "Thoughtful Gardens" .

Hannibal has a great Rich-Tragic history where his sister Meesha was eaten by German soldiers and then he travel to Japan which explains the glory of Hannibal, how it become a cannibal is utterly awesome and compelling and can be fairly comparable with the elite villains.

Seriously, This person converts Cannibalism into a form of Aestheticism. Cannibalism is one of the most disgusting things Human race ever considered but still it give birth to Hannibal from whom we never get disgusted instead fall for his Culinary Art with a Gasp filled with beauty. We can hate him for what he does but instead it forced us to love him for "How he does" or we can say "We Love to Hate Him".


Just for fun
Just for fun

Please tell your prospective regarding my idea and also notify me where i made mistakes. Thanks for your genuine support.


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