ByZo Arroyo, writer at
loves movies

The new Star Wars trailer has been released and millions of fans probably have their own theories surrounding this very secretive movie.

My own theory is that Kylo Ren is tracking down Luke Skywalker. Of course this theory has to be supported by some evidence and here is my evidence suggesting that Kylo Ren has tracked down Luke

Here is the only shot of what seems to be Luke in the entire trailer. As you can see their is clearly fire as if he is in a cave or maybe its just night.

Here is another image which seems to me that these to scenes are somehow linked together. This could be in the same location as Luke is shown being in the trailer. Of course this is just speculation but who knows? Maybe this theory turns out to be true.

If you have any of your own fan theories fell free to write it in the comments section


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