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I walked into Pan hoping that the critics got this movie wrong. The person that was wrong was me. I was disappointed with this film which I honestly expected to be better than it was. But I was wrong. Very wrong. Lets start with what is good in this film.

I thought Levi Miller did a good job as Peter Pan considering that this is his first film. I just hope that he won't become the next Jake llyod who was cast in a big film role and the movie ended up being bad. I also liked Garret Hedlund as Hook as he was the kind of guy whose suave around the ladies.

Now the bad part: Although I liked the performance given, the character of Hook is not the one seen in this film. This is not how I think the character of Hook should be like. I think that Rooney Mara was miscast here. She has talent just not here. The CGI in this film is just horrible. With a $150 million budget they could have done better but instead everything looks fake. A film tries to make you believe that anything is possible, that fiction can become reality but this movie make Neverland look fake.

So overall Pan is a disappointing movie that could have been better than this.

Spoiler warning:

Hook's turn to the evil side never happens in the film. We never got to know how he betrayed Peter (and we most likely will never know)


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