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John Wick came as a surprise to me. I did not expect to love this film. In fact I thought this was going to be horrible but I was surprised by how good this film was.

When I had seen the trailer for John Wick I thought that his motivation for revenge was stupid but when I watched the film I understood why he would want to go out for revenge. This film has one of the best performances given by Keanu Reeves where he plays not only a action hero but also a man who has suffered a loss.

The action scenes in the film are all fantastic. I know that Keanu had done some of his stunts and the fights look amazing and realistic. I can tell that action junkies such as myself would stare in amazement at the fight scenes and shootouts in the movie. The credit for these amazing scenes should go to the directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski who are both veteran stunt men who direct Keanu and the other actors perfectly to achieve fantastic shots.

There are some very nice visuals with a $20 million budget the film looks fantastic. There is some really nice cinematography and the club scene is just fantastic.

John Wick is a must watch for any action movie lovers.


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