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Steve Jobs was an unconventional form of a biographical way of storytelling for a movie, if one can even call it a biopic, as the film is entirely set backstage at the three most iconic product unveilings of Jobs' early career: the Lisa, the NeXT, and the iMAC.

Audiences who worship Jobs may be either be surprised or disappointed to see what this film is truly about in regard to the life of Steve Jobs or how the story unfolds. Personally speaking, it was a breath of fresh air and set the film apart from the previous interpretation with Ashton Kutcher. And the fast pace of the scenes truly helped make the film not feel like it was two hours long.

Speaking of previous interpretations, unlike Ashton Kutcher, Michael Fassbender may not have had the exact looks of Steve Jobs, but he mastered his personality and mannerisms to the point that you end up forgetting how much he doesn't look or sound like the man he's supposed to be playing. You end up truly forgetting he's Fassbender and seeing him as just the character of Steve Jobs.

While Fassbender did an excellent performance as Steve Jobs, the real surprise performance in this film actually came from Kate Winslet for me. I had no idea it was her until about 10 minutes into the film, that's how she disappeared into the role.

She plays Joanna Hoffman, a marketing executive who worked with Steve Jobs. I'm sure in real life, she helped the development of Jobs' onstage performance, and in this regard, Winslet complemented Fassbender's on-screen performance. They played so well off of each other.

Now, it's well-known by now that Jobs wasn't the nicest man, and many people who haven't seen the film have asked me if the film shows Jobs' true personality when it comes to how he treated others. And the answer is "Yes". Though in a way, the film did seem like it apologized for his behavior, as if director Danny Boyle tried to make excuses as to why Jobs behaved the way he did in regard to others. I can see how that can be a turn off for some, because for me, in a way it was.

But overall, Steve Jobs is most definitely one of the best dramas I've watched this year and it's worth a view if you're curious enough.


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