ByZo Arroyo, writer at
loves movies

This movie is just terrible. How could Universal release such a bad movie?!

I had some hope for this movie seeing as the book is fantastic but I left the theater in shock of just how bad this movie was.

The acting in this movie is terrible. With a cast including Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore how could this possible go wrong? Well they don't really seem like they even want to be there. So overall for acting its bad.

The effects are okay in this film not to bad but not Avatar level stuff. Character development is one of the many missing things from this movie. You should care about the characters in a film but here you don't really care about anyone.

The main thing that I hate about this movie is that it is not even close to its source material. I know that book to film adaptions don't have to be 100% accurate to the book but this film is almost nothing like the book and that is surprising considering that one of the script writers is the writer of the books himself.

So overall this movie is horrible and should not be seen. Do not waste money on a ticket to see this movie. You shouldn't buy the DVD or Blu-ray either. In short don't ever see this movie


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