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Recently, it was announced that Robert Rodriguez, director and creator of the Spy Kids franchise will be directing the live action adaptation of one of Hanna Barbera's most beloved cartoons, Jonny Quest.

Although there are some detractors, here is why Mr. Rodriguez will be the perfect fit for Team Quest:

-Spy Kids:

With this film series, Mr. Rodriguez has already shown us that he can handle family dynamics and an ensemble cast. Having had to juggle actors such as Antonio Banderas, Ricardo Montalban, and Steve Buscemi, he has shown the chops for this sort of movie. Also, having to balance kids and adults in the shows that he knows how this balance works.

-Sharkboy and Lava Girl:

With this movie, Mr. Rodriguez showed an ability to handle the fantastic and the mundane within the context of the same movie. Despite the extraordinary effects and outrageous ideas of the film, he was able to still use a family centered team of kids to ground the movie. Although the plot of a kid adventuring with his imaginary friends , Sharkboy and Lavagirl, may seem a bit of a stretch, but this director can handle it.

-Machete and Machete Kills

Although both films are far from family friendly fare, these movies prove that Mr. Rodriguez has no problems with terrific action sequences and globe spanning action. Both films, especially Machete Kills, are steeped with elements of crime thriller and sci fi. Elements that essential parts of Jonny Quest.

That is the case for why Robert Rodriguez is the perfect director for Jonny Quest, so fans of the show should rest easy.


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