ByOmar Fernandez, writer at

Of course she could, I admit it could be weird to see Mary Jane exactly the same as Gwen Stacy, but considering that he loved so much Gwen, it could be used as an excuse, so when he get to see Mary Jane he see her exactly like Gwen, so that could be a motive for spider man to talk to her. Also it could be a good theme in their relationship, like MJ founding out about the similarity between her and Gwen, so Peter would have to prove himself to make her know that he loves her.

I mean I'm just going out of script, but that's what they do when they do some movies, just like Captain America : Civil war, Spiderman and whole others should appear but they had to change a huge part of the history, to take Spiderman out, so if they can do that, why couldn't they create a new kind of situation between Mary Jane and Peter Parker without taking out the cuteness that we all love about Mary Jane, but again it's just my opinion, I really don't mind If they use another person, I'm just pointing out the odds and facts that wouldn't make that decision a total mess.


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