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Looks like some of these Disney girls may have forgotten their "Mirror, mirror" check. Let's see which girls made the cut - and which girls are out!

#13 - Snow White

While Snow White is undoubtedly a beautiful girl, her dress isn't. With a high collar and short cape, there are too many elements going on that distract from her own beauty. Combined with the rather garish colors and a giant headband, this look is just plain unattractive.

#12 - Anna

While I have nothing negative to say about Anna's green coronation dress, I'm not feeling this look. The cape is tasseled and a horrendous shade of pink that does not complement Anna's gorgeous red hair. With the myriad shades of blue in the skirt and undershirt, it's a little overwhelming. Her pigtail braids make her seem immature, a far cry from the elegant updo she wears to the ball. For me this look is a fail on all counts.

#11 - Cinderella

Unlike the dazzling gown Lily James wears in the recent adaptation, this gown washes Cinderella out and lacks a certain punch. Her hair is rather severe for such a beautiful girl, while her headband seems to come down over her ears like earmuffs. Besides her glass slippers her only accessory is a plain black choker, which seems more goth than grand. I give this look a resounding "meh".

#10 - Ariel

Again we have a case of a nauseating shade of pink clashing with luxurious red hair. While the dress itself is sweet and demure, the color overwhelms Ariel and ultimately detracts from the entire look.

#9 - Elsa

While the shimmering blue is fantastic with Elsa's ice blonde hair (see what I did there?) the billowing cloak/train is distracting and is an unnecessary addition to the outfit. The slit up the skirt denotes more cabaret singer than ice queen, though Elsa does have the legs to pull it off. The side braid is a fun alternative to the traditional chignon and really contrasts Elsa's old life to her new-found freedom in the mountains.

# 8 - Mulan

Mulan's look is rather simple, but she is still able to make it her own. The kimono could do with a pattern or two and the sleeves hemmed, but overall Mulan pulls this outfit off.

#7 - Pocahontas

Pocahontas' dress is simple and organic, and it really conveys her free spirit. While it does little to shield her from the elements, it shows off her lean limbs and allows her long hair to steal the show.

#6 - Rapunzel

Rapunzel's dress is cut perfectly for her body and the movement it has as she swings, climbs, and tumbles is incredible. Even with several components and sugary-sweet colors, this dress is a perfect expression of who Rapunzel is.

#5 - Merida

The color of Merida's dress is the perfect shade of blue, both echoing her eyes and setting off her pale skin. Her glorious curls look fiery against the dark fabric, and the cut is flexible for horseback riding or practicing her archery skills.

#4 - Jasmine

I've said before that Jasmine is the most sensual Disney princess, and her airy outfit shows it. Her accessories are perfect and the simple elegance of her clothes is both regal and relaxed.

#3 - Belle

Belle wears a variety of dresses throughout the movie and is consistently stunning, whether she's in a simple blue and white dress or in a fantastic golden gown. While her accessories are generally limited to a hair bow or small earrings, she is never lacking in style and grace.

#2 - Tiana

Tiana is one of the most versatile princesses, managing to look fabulous as both a waitress and a glamorous restaurateur. Her natural hair is beautiful and stylish, and her full lips would give Kylie Jenner a run for her money.

#1 - Aurora

The lines of Aurora's dress are flawless and her shoulders are set off beautifully. Her hair is effortlessly wavy and her accessories accentuate her features perfectly.

Whether you like Mulan's oriental style or Rapunzel's soft sweetness, everyone has an opinion on fashion. Tell me yours in the comments below!


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