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Beginning as a Richard Pryor inspired stand up comic in the 1980s Eddie Murphy captured our hearts immediately with his ever-changing vulgarity and his charming delivery. Three decades later Murphy's impressive filmography has gone on to gross over $6.6 billion (with a capital b) dollars worldwide.

Film franchises like Beverly Hills Cop, Nutty Professor, and Shrek made Murphy the big bucks but its his stand-alone films like Coming To America, Dr. Dolittle, and his stand-up specials that provide classic Eddie Murphy. Like this scene where he juggles multiple roles.

For his continuing comedic efforts and financial success, Murphy is joining the likes of Richard Pryor, Lorne Michaels, Billy Crystal, and one of his personal idols Bill Cosby in receiving one of the best comedic accomplishments of them all, the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

Murphy was congratulated by some of comedies elite talents like Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Tracy Morgan, Arsenio Hall, and Kathy Griffin as he accepted the prestigious award.

I'll be the first to state it is an honor to see Eddie being recognized for his comedic career that has literally lasted a lifetime.


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