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It's rare that a TV show comes along, grabs you, and makes you forget you're watching TV. Well in this case, it's technically "not TV - it's HBO."

The Leftovers does just that - engrossing to the utmost, with an attention to humanity that often eludes even the best movies. And as of today, you can officially purchase the Complete First Season of The Leftovers on Blu-ray and DVD. It's a buy you won't regret.

The brilliant and creepy "Wayne" from Leftovers
The brilliant and creepy "Wayne" from Leftovers

The premise? Suddenly, out of nowhere, 2% of the world's population vanishes from the face of the earth. And rather than focusing too much on the science fiction side of a story ripe for the sci-fi picking, TV genius (and mind behind The Leftovers) Damon Lindelof dives into the human side of grief and loss. How would the "leftovers," the 98% remaining on earth, approach the seemingly impossible disappearance of millions?

The Guilty Remnant have their own approach
The Guilty Remnant have their own approach

If you haven't embraced this one yet, I won't spoil it for you. And even if you have HBO GO, this one is still worth a purchase for you TV connoisseurs out there. It's collection-worthy, and Season 2 (airing now on HBO) is only getting better.

Go get your copy of The Leftovers Season 1, available now.


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