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Friday marked the release of the sixth installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise: The Ghost Dimension. Here is a trailer if you're as excited as I am!

The Horror franchise continues to give horror fans something to be excited about, in a genre that has a multitude of devoted followers. This is the sixth installment of the blockbuster film franchise that started back in 2009, but even some of the film's biggest fans are becoming reluctant. Even horror buffs are wondering why the producers continue to make the films instead of letting it go or focusing on another project.

Here is Why They Won't

The nail-biting series began as an ambitious indie idea by writer/producer/director Oren Peli, who's childhood fear of ghosts and drive to contrast Hollywood's lust for torture porn, created horrors biggest franchise in years.

Horror critics declared it refreshing for the horror genre and audiences marched to it in flocks only to walk out of theaters frightened by its shocks and scares. The film took on the now overly popular found footage filming technique setting a tone for not only horror films but all films in Hollywood and did it with a budget of only $15,000.

The biggest take away about the first film's success besides its unique plot was nothing more than dollars and cents. The film went on to make nearly $200 million dollars worldwide making filmmakers the world over scratch their heads.

this is perfect
this is perfect

Blumhouse Productions and Paramount Pictures realized what a gem Oren Peli had created and also realized he created a formula that generally has no downfalls. A film with such a reasonable budget in such a demanding genre is bound to have gigantic success. So rightfully they churned out four more films that arguably vary in quality.. and now a fifth.

these girls still haunt
these girls still haunt

Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money

I wouldn't stop either
I wouldn't stop either

Even the "failure" of the quadrilogy, the most recent The Marked Ones made its budget five times over because its budget was a measly five million dollars compared to its gross of over $90 million dollars.

The peak of the franchise, Paranormal Activity 3, broke the record for the best opening day numbers by a horror film with over $26 million and went on to collect over $207 million dollars at the box office.

What was the budget for the second sequel? You guessed it, just another measly five million dollars. That number is literally laughable to production companies considering there are films out there being made with $100 million dollar budgets, that are barely making the money back.

If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It

It is valid to argue that the films have dropped in quality since the franchise has started. Numbers two and four are considered duds by Rotten Tomatoes but for the record number 5: The Marked Ones was different and experimental for the franchise and managed to have a slightly better score than four.

it was an experimental step for the franchise
it was an experimental step for the franchise

Paranormal Activity 3 is actually rated as fresh and is considered the best film after the original so the producers should know what works and what doesn't by now. But even so, the films financial success alone is more than enough reason to chuck out another five million dollar budget. In fact, there is even a Paranormal Activity game in development set to be released next year.

While Ghost Dimension is scheduled to be the final installment of the franchise, according to Variety magazine one of the co-managing partners of the game developer insists it may continue.

"If this is successful, we hope to include more. We'll continue this as long as we possibly can." -

Russell Naftal, co-managing partner of Beast Media Group.

Keep Em Comin'

I for one, am a huge fan of the franchise and I wouldn't be upset at all if they continued, as long as they work out the kinks and make the films a littler better each time, even if that means putting in a little less money to bring the franchise back to its roots.

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