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We've all heard of the Star Wars Force Unleashed games, and for the most part, I'd say that we know the story. For those of you who don't know, Star Wars The Force Unleashed was, Starkiller. Starkillers supposedly died in the first Force Unleashed but in the second Force Unleashed came back as a clone. Now, the new Star Wars movie features a new enemy by the name of Kylo Ren. We do not know much about this character just that he seems to have some fascination with Darth Vader. My theory is that Kylo Ren is in fact Starkiller!

Think about it, the way he looks at Darth Vader's mask in the trailer, it seems as though he wants to avenge Darth Vader's death. The original Starkiller being dead would not have done this considering how he died the Jedi, the Clone however may have such feelings.

The reason that I think that this new villain could be Starkiller is because of not only how he looks at Darth Vader's mask, but how he seems to have similar body shape and costume to Starkiller from the game. Also, because the Force Unleashed was made by LucasArts one could say that the rights to Star killer could be in the new movie so why not try and add him. In my opinion Starkiller was one hell of a character, and I'm sure anyone who's played the game would agree that the storyline in the games was absolutely phenomenal.

So what are you guys think again this is just my theory but I love to hear your suggestions and your own theories. Please feel free to leave them down in the comments below. Thank you.


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