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1. Harrison Ford wanted Lucas to kill off Han Solo in episode 6. What?!

2.Several scenes of Braveheart were re-shot because of extras wearing wristwatches. Epic Fail.

3. In real life Tom Hanks is one inch too tall to be an astronaut as the height of one should be six feet and below. Had no Idea.

4. Laurence Fishburne at 14 years old lied about his age to be a gunner's mate in Apocalypse Now. These are getting more interesting.

5. Ripley from Alien was supposed to be a guy except audiences would not expect the lone survivor to be a female.

6. So in Monty Python and the Holy Grail the coconuts were necessary because the production team could not afford horses.

7. All scenes the take place in the matrix are tinted green so it would look like it was on a computer screen

8. In Independence Day Will Smith is dragging the alien in the desert and says the line "what the hell is that smell". That line was unscripted and the smell was from dead shrimp.

9. Both Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen had no idea how to play chess when they filmed X-Men

10. The line up scene in the usual suspects was supposed to be serious but Benicio Del Toro kept farting and nobody could keep a straight face.

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