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Daleks - the terrors of the Whovian Universe! The name alone is enough to send chills down the spine of those unfortunate enough to cross their destructive path. With their powerful weapons and icy battle cry "EX-TER-MIN-ATE," the Daleks are the greatest villains of the Whoniverse, possiblly the greatest of all scifi villains.

Originating from the planet Skaro, these megalomaniacal monsters are born with a desire to kill. From the outside a Dalek looks scary enough. However, nestled within that armored casing hides a living breathing creature of pure evil. Genetically engineered from the living cells, the evil genius Davros bred out all emotions from his monstrous children, save one – HATE. Daleks are bred to hate anything unlike themselves and will stop at nothing to make themselves the supreme rulers of the universe.

Who can describe the horror of the Daleks better than their greatest enemy, the Doctor.

4th Doctor (Tom Baker) attacked by a Dalek
4th Doctor (Tom Baker) attacked by a Dalek
“It's not the machines, it's the minds of the creatures inside them. Minds that you [Davros] created! They are totally evil!” (“Genesis of the Daleks,” 1976)
“Because it [Dalek] honestly believes they [humans] should die. Human beings are different, and anything different is wrong. It's the ultimate in racial cleansing, and you, van Statten, you’ve let it loose!” (“Dalek,” 2005)
“They've wreaked havoc and destruction, destroyed countless innocent lives.” (“Destiny of the Daleks,” 1979)

Evil, powerful and smart, too. No mere mindless killers, the Daleks are endowed with a superior intellect. As the Doctor once noted...

“A Dalek is a genius. It can calculate a thousand billion combinations in one second flat.” (“Dalek,” 2005)

With their genius the Daleks have mastered time travel, previously a domain reserved only to the Time Lords, and have the engineering capabilities to transport whole planets across space. In an attempt to destroy all realty, the Daleks transferred 27 worlds into the Medusa Cascade, a rift in space, in an attempt to destroy all reality itself.

The Daleks have invaded worlds, even attempting an invasion of planet Earth in the 22nd century. The invasion was thwarted, however, by everyone’s favorite renegade Time Lord. Oh, and lest we forget The Time War. In the war's final assault, the Time Lords and the Daleks fought to the point of their own mutual annihilation. The Dalek bombardments from orbit (seemingly) vaporized the planet Gallifrey as well as the entire Dalek fleet in the process.

The fall of Galifrey?
The fall of Galifrey?
“Sealed inside your casing. Not feeling anything, ever. From birth to death, locked inside a cold metal cage. Completely alone. And that explains your voice. No wonder you scream.” (“The Doctor, Doomsday,” 2010)

True, perhaps forever sealed inside a death machine could account for the Daleks’ insane dreams of conquest. A Dalek fears nothing inside its powerful, nearly indestructible travel machine. Their devastating technology along with their delusions of superiority have turned all Daleks into egomaniacs. It is their sheer arrogance, their swagger of superiority, that makes the Daleks all the more menacing.

“When the time is right we will emerge and take our rightful place as the supreme power of the universe!” (“Genesis of the Daleks” 1979)
“There is only one form of life that matters: Dalek life.” (“Evil of the Daleks,” 1967)
“This is not war - This is pest control!” (Dalek Sec addressing the Cyber Leader in “Doomsday,” 2006)

See what I mean?

But perhaps the best way to judge the evil of the Daleks is by knowing whom they consider their greatest enemy. He is the one they call “The Oncoming Storm” and “The Predator.” He is The Doctor. The Daleks have been the Doctor’s greatest enemy almost from the start. He encountered them in only his second adventure. (“The Daleks” 1963) Some may even argue that it is the Daleks themselves who helped the Doctor’s uncover his true calling to defy oppression and fight for what is right. Only by fighting an evil like the Daleks can he define himself as a hero…as a ‘Good Man.'

The 1st Doctor (William Hartnell) meets the Daleks
The 1st Doctor (William Hartnell) meets the Daleks

Villains are only made great through a protagonist brave enough to defy them. It requires someone of moral strength and a vast intellect to defend the universe against a menace such as the Daleks, a species that seems to find pleasure in destruction.

“Attack and destroy! Destroy and Rejoice!” (“The Chase,” 1965)

The Daleks are evil geniuses driven by killing and conquest. Living, breathing blobs of hate, each housed within its own impregnable engine of destruction. Can anything surpass the Daleks as the greatest of all villains? What do have to say, Daleks?

“No one can succeed who opposes the Daleks.” (Day of the Daleks,” 1972)

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