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Agents of Shield spoilers ahead!

On this week's episode of Agents of Shield, "Devils You Know", a lot of developments were made. Hunter got deeper into Hydra (and shot Ward!!), Simmons continued to act strangely, saying she needs to get back to the strange alien planet, and we found out that a computer hacker-turned-Inhuman has been helping Lash locate his victims. But this leads us to the most important part of the episode: Lash, the Inhuman-hunting brute, apparently has a "normal" form in addition to his terrifying enhanced form. Now, it is definitely possible that Lash's human form is simply Matthew Willig, as this is the actor who was cast as Lash's enhanced form. However, given that they declined to show us his true form (instead having Daisy witness the shadow of Lash's transformation), would seem to imply that his true form is someone that we've already met. But who could Lash really be? I have come up with some possible candidates.


I decided to get the obvious, but unlikely choice out of the way first. Simmons has spent months trapped on an alien world after being transported there by the Kree Monolith in the final moments of Season 2. What effect did this experience have on her? We have no idea, but she seemingly has a desire to rebuild the portal and go back. Last season, we saw that Simmons' reaction to the emergence of Inhumans was anything but welcoming, with her saying that they should closely monitor any Inhumans and that they are inherently dangerous, regardless of who they were. Though this would seem to fuel an anti-Inhuman agenda, the odds of her being Lash are incredibly slim. Unless she was capable of getting off the alien world, making it back to Earth, and begin her hunt for Inhumans, while still getting back in time for Fitz to rescue her, we can safely call this one debunked.


Another one that is possible, but unlikely, is Rosalind's second-in-command Banks. With the massive chip on his shoulder against Inhumans, as well as his apparent desire to kill or imprison all of them, he seems like an ideal candidate. More evidence for this is the fact that Rosalind sent Banks ahead to their base well before the truck left with Daisy, Mack, and the rest of the ATCU agents, giving him plenty of time to get in position to take down the Truck as Lash. He also avoids targeting the other agents, and even leaves Daisy and Mack untouched, only killing the captured Inhuman, which, if true, would indicate that Rosalind is aware of his powers and uses him to hunt down Inhumans on the down-low. However, unless he can move very fast, this one is unlikely too, seeing as he was on the train with Rosalind and Coulson when Lash attacks the hospital. Though slightly more likely than Simmons, this one is probably unlikely as well.


Now this one would be interesting. Andrew is actually more likely a suspect than most would expect him to be. He's one of the few people we can't account for during the time of each attack by Lash, with his whereabouts being relatively unknown until he's doing a psychological evaluation. A big part of this is the fact that he apparently left May completely out of the blue and disappeared, going back to help out Coulson and teach. Why would he leave May, when it seemed like he was more invested in their relationship than she was? Could he have taken a pill one day and undergone the change into an Inhuman? This would certainly explain his sudden disappearance.

A big piece of evidence for this is this scene in the store, when Werner von Strucker and two Hydra agents were going to kill Andrew if May and Hunter didn't back off. We see them advance threateningly, and the next thing is Werner sprinting away from the shop, while the only glimpse we get of the conflict inside is someone's shoe and a small puddle of blood. Some people think Werner was running because the shop was about to blow, which was true, but the look on his face was one of pure terror. We know he doesn't care about inflicting pain, considering he beat down Ward's right hand man, threatened to kill Ward, and didn't even flinch, so it seems unlikely that he would be afraid of killing someone and burning the corpse. But if his intended victim suddenly grew a foot in height and started killing his men, that would certainly explain his terror.

If Andrew is Lash, it would be a huge turn-around for his character, and rapidly turn him into an enemy for S.H.I.E.L.D. if they find out. As opposed to Andrew's calm, caring demeanor, Lash's brute force and belief that he is "necessary" is a heavy contrast.

The Verdict

Who is Lash, really? We probably won't find out until we see a few more episodes. It could be Andrew, but it could be a brand-new character that we haven't seen before! Whether Andrew is Lash or not, it is unlikely that he is dead, considering we never see the body and the whole scene stunk of a botched operation. Either way, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 is shaping up to be the biggest one ever, and I can't wait to see what direction they take it in!

Got any ideas on Lash's true identity? Put them in the comments below!


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