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The Back to the Future trilogy is looked to as one of the most memorable and classic movie trilogies of all time. The films are known for their great cast and relatable side notes, but another major thing that Back to the Future Part II is known for is attempting to predict the future of 2015 (Wednesday, October 21 to be exact). With the hover boards, the self-tying shoe laces, and the Cubs winning the World Cup, all of these things have still to happen.

But What Exactly Did Back To The Future Part II Get Right?

Although it may seem like the movie doesn't have much going for it, it did in fact get a few things right.

1- Gaming Consoles

In the movie, hands are no longer required for video games. Sound familiar? Because Microsoft did it with the Xbox 360's feature, Kinect. Kinect allows you to participate in the game without having to use a controller.

2- Biometrics

The movie uses scanners for eyes and fingers to check people's identity. This kind of technology is present in our every day lives, and not just something in the future. Although me may not use it as domestically as in the film, there's no question that we still have it.

3- Fashion

I know what you're thinking, but it may not be as far off as we think. It shows the large use of sports wear in every day life, which is something that you can see very easily in this day and age. The truth is though, I think we are all glad we don't fully dress like the people in Back to the Future.

4- Drones

In one scene, you can see a drone flying around the skies of the Hill Valley courthouse taking pictures. Drones have become an essential part of many of the militaries around the world. Although this invention was probably intended to save lives, it still is kind of creepy wondering if they are spying on our everyday lives.

5- Flying Cars

One of the major errors with the movie is that it shows the common use of flying cars, a thing that definitely hasn't happened yet. But just because we don't use them on a regular basis, doesn't mean they don't exist.

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