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Within the horror industry, directors and writers are constantly competing to create the "next big (and scary) thing." However, as horror fans, we know that sometimes, that competition leads to not-so-great releases (think Ouija, rated a 7% on Rotten Tomatoes). These films lead us to sigh in frustration, and wonder, "Where are the good horror films?"

Well, as it turns out, some of them just never came to fruition! The ideas were there, the films themselves just never came to be. Here are 9 horror films that could have taken the big screen by storm, but were never made (sad face)!

1. I Am Legend (1995)

Hear me out here, you guys. I know that I Am Legend is already a film, but did you know that it was originally going to be entirely different?

2007's I Am Legend (which is actually the third adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by Richard Matheson), stars Will Smith and was directed by Francis Lawrence.

However, did you know that an adaptation was scheduled to film much earlier, back in 1995? Ridley Scott was supposed to be behind the camera, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was set to star! The plug was pulled on the project when it was revealed the film would need a $100 million budget. Oops!

2. Torso

Based on the graphic novel of the same name, Torso was supposed to star some huge names, like Rachel McAdams, Gary Oldman, and Matt Damon. Following the true "Cleveland Torso Murders" that took place in Ohio in the 1930s, the film seemed to have potential to be really terrifying!

Sadly, in 2007, Zodiac was released. The story was too similar to Torso, so the project was scrapped. I still have my fingers crossed that this project comes back to life...

3. At the Mountains of Madness del Toro in his horror-filled home del Toro in his horror-filled home

Guillermo del Toro and James Cameron had this film ready to go. At the Mountains of Madness was originally a novel written by the infamous H.P. Lovecraft, and it was dark. A professor at Miskatonic University tries to deter a group of geologists from traveling to Antarctica by recounting his horrifying experiences from when he was there.

When pitched to the studio, del Toro was told that the film needed to have a PG-13 rating, and he was insistent on an R rating. Soon after, Prometheus was released, and the stories were too similar, so the film never came to be.

4. Jason vs. Ash

If you're a horror fan, you've almost undoubtedly seen Freddy vs. Jason. Riding on the success of that mashup, New Line Cinemas wanted a sequel ASAP, and the idea of including Ash from The Evil Dead franchise was thrown around...and almost went into production.

Sam Raimi (writer of The Evil Dead) declined New Line's offer to use Ash in the mashup, stating that he wanted to keep the character for himself, just in case he wanted to use him again. Good thing, because we now have Ash vs. The Evil Dead, and the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash graphic novels!

5. Alfred Hitchcock's Kaleidoscope

Poster for "Kaleidoscope"  via
Poster for "Kaleidoscope" via

Set in New York City, Kaleidoscope was supposed to tell the story of a necrophiliac serial killer, filmed in a first-person point of would have been one of the first of its kind! Not much more is known about the film, but it sounds like it would have been brilliant.

Sadly, after filming a decent amount of test footage, the studio threw away the idea, citing that it would be too extreme (boooo).

I wish we could have!
I wish we could have!

6. Hellraiser: Hellfire

But I'm so sad Hellfire wasn't made!
But I'm so sad Hellfire wasn't made!

The fourth Hellraiser film in the series, Bloodline, was the last film in the series to be released theatrically, but that didn't stop sequels from being released! Hellfire was going to tell the story of a cult whose leader has powers bestowed upon him by the Cenobites after solving the Lament Configuration puzzle box. It also boasted the return of all of the Cenobites, and everyone's favorite Kirsty Cotton.

However, after finding out that Bloodline was going to be the last in the series to be released in theaters, Hellfire had to be rewritten to accommodate a smaller budget, so the project got thrown away (and I'm bitter about it).

7. Last House on the Left 2

After the success of the first film, Last House on the Left 2 was set to resurrect Krug, from the first film. While the idea of a sequel was exciting, there was a little bit of a conflict with the storyline...

Taking place at a summer camp, Krug was going to be resurrected and the plan was to have him kill off the camp counselors one at a time. Hmm...sound familiar?

8. Worst Case Scenario

This one ended up having promo DVDs released; however, the very limited number of DVDs sold out quickly, so the film is really, really hard to find.

WCS tells the story of a fictional World Cup between the Netherlands and Germany. Germany loses, and sends zombies over to the Netherlands, because how else do you handle losing the World Cup?

Sadly, due to financial issues, the film never got the release it deserved and was cancelled, but you can still check out the trailer!

9. Helloween: Pinhead vs. Michael Myers

In the same vein as Jason vs. Ash, this film idea was conceived from the immense success of Freddy vs. Jason. Clive Barker was willing to write the film if the idea became legitimate, and when Barker signed on, John Carpenter agreed as well!

Nothing came of the idea because the two characters just didn't make sense together. Pinhead would clearly win (though maybe I'm a little biased), because how could Michael Myers compete with a Cenobite who can conjure chains out of thin air...? But, I still want this movie to happen. Badly.

Are you guys as sad as I am that these films never made it to the big screen? On the one hand, they could have been hugely successful, but on the other hand, they could have totally flopped. Regardless, the ideas are there...someone make these films!


Which film do you wish was brought to life?


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