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If you are a Back to the Future fan like me, you have probably already heard the rumors about how Biff Tannen was based on Donald Trump. But that's it, they were just rumors. Only the theories kept the possibility alive. No one had confirmed or denied the rumor, just silence. We kept asking the question:

Is Biff Tannen Based On Donald Trump?

Well, the rumor has officially been confirmed by Bob Gale, the screen writer of the Back to the Future trilogy. Variety got a chance to sit down and talk to him about the question that had been in the back of our minds every time we watched Back to the Future Part II.

"We thought about it when we made the movie. Are you kidding?"

One of the most bare bone answers I've heard (or seen) in a long time, but it does the job. It does in fact confirm that the similarities between Donald Trump and Biff Tannen were intentional. But for the people who are not familiar with the theory, I answer the question that you are probably wondering:

What Do Donald Trump And Biff Tannen Have In Common?

If you are just getting yourself acquainted with Donald Trump, you may not see the similarities. But for this comparison, we are going to have to go back to the times when Donald Trump wasn't running for president, but rather was just a business man. Donald Trump starts out as a somewhat regular man and turns himself into a successful business man through real estate and gambling. But as Trump got richer, he became more despised, just like Biff Tannen.

Biff is shown in an alternate reality where Biff becomes a millionaire through different investments and it even shows Biff marring Marty's mom. Whether you think this comparison is an accurate depiction of Donald Trump is up to debate. But the one thing we do know is that the comparison was intentional.

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