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Collins Vincent

This is not a joke! Repeat, this is not a joke! Dora the explorer is set to get a live action feature, courtesy of Paramount Pictures. The studio has currently been experimenting with live action adaptations of childhood cartoons and beloved properties for some time now, and they have now decided to offer a different take on the backpack wearing girl and her fun-loving monkey. Paramount has already tapped screenwriter Tom wheeler, who previously wrote the script for Puss in boots and the forthcoming Boo: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations, to script the film which would be a possible re-imagining of the character.

When the news broke for this story, many said things like "I'm done with hollywood!" or "Why is this happening?".The simple answer is that a studio sees the chance to cash in on a beloved childhood property which is what almost any studio would do, so there's little or no use complaining about it because there are plenty more in the pipeline. The film could actually be entertaining and fun. There hasn't even been a trailer yet, and people are already ripping the idea and the studio. The best option, and you've probably heard this a million times before, is to wait for the film to come out before passing judgement.

If you really want to blame someone, blame the people who made the Collegehumor parody video on YouTube. There are currently no details on how the movie will be different from the cartoon, but you can expect quite a few changes. Dora might become an Indiana Jones/Nancy Drew type character or she might just be an ordinary teen who travels to a strange fantasy-land with talking animals. Keep in mind that Dora was a kids-program and that it was specifically aimed at kids. The film will likely be marketed at families and young children, but there might be something there for older fans who grew up with the show. However this turns out, it's best for everyone to be patient and just hope for a good film that can be enjoyed by audiences young and old.


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