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Batman: Under the Red Hood

TDK series was excellent and Ben Affleck has major shoes to fill as he attempts to replace Chris Nolan and Christian Bale at the same time. Without a doubt his solo movie will be shaping up soon. As far as direction they may be looking to keep things going with an older version of Batman. That's good news if they include other Bat Family members. There are a number of stories that could and should be adapted as they shift from Batman to other heroes. Focusing on the Robins and Batgirls would be great. In fact, there have been rumbles that Carrie Kelly is rumored to be in Affleck's version Batman. It also turns out that Jena Malone may be the actress to portray her and it could turn out to be great. But, for the sake of following a trend one that I love I think they should go in another direction. Keep Kelly in the universe, but just hold off on her story. Under the Red Hood should be the foundation he sets the1st film around. I will post more villains and other Bat family members in a separate forum.

Plot: The Red Hood is an exceptional story. I’d imagine a style similar to the animated film. However there should be some things shaken up. This movie should tie directly into a sequel that should circles around Batman vs Robin (fan cast coming soon). In a flashback of sorts the backstory that would set up the movie should be told. Like the movie, Ra’s via the Lazarus Pit should bring Jason Todd back to life. Talia should be the one to have found him after Batman buried him. Her motive would be her lov for Bruce could not stand to see him suffer.

A subplot would be that Todd was trained by the league and helped to train Talia and Bruce’s son Damian. This subplot would lead into what will be The Court of Owls movie. After a couple of years Jason Todd returns to Gotham and infiltrates Black Mask territory. Todd will change up the drug game and control all the profits. Todd sets up a series of events and clues that leads Batman into some tough situations. Todd breaks into Arkham and breaks out the Joker only to haunt him down and kill him. With Joker on the loose and a new drug kingpin in town Bats is a bit overwhelmed. Batman reluctantly calls up Nightwing for help. The name Red Hood spreads around Gotham along with the gang that follows. After a visit to Arkham Asylum he assumes it’s the now free Joker. When he confronts Joker, Joker assures him that its someone else, the same person that set him free. After a sever beating he warns Bats that it’s someone from their past looking to settle a score. He thanks Batman or returning him back to Arkham where he feels a little safer.

Batman and Nightwing go through a series of situations including coming face to face with Black Mask. Black Mask assures Bats that he has no idea who this “Red Hood” guy is. Todd and Batman exchange one major battle which helps Batman figure out who the guy in the red mask is. Wanting to handle things on his he own he instructs Nightwing to leave. Batman and Todd fight it out and Batman wins movie over. Todd goes on and becomes The Red Hood vigilante that’s a thorn in Batman’s side.

The existing cast

Ben Affleck - Batman
Ben Affleck - Batman
Jeremy Irons - Alfred
Jeremy Irons - Alfred
Jared Leto - Joker
Jared Leto - Joker

Fan Cast

Dylan Obrian as Jason Todd

I admit he's not the most original pick and he's a fan cast favorite for everything. Like everyone else I'm a fan, but I like him for Jason Todd because it would be different from his usual play as the hero or jokester. He would bring out the emotional pain and sadistic nature that is Jason Todd. Don't believe me, watch Teen Wolf season 3 where he plays a possessed version of Stiles. He would be perfect in an attempt to extract vengeance on Batman and I believe he and Ben Affleck would have great chemistry.

Luke Pasqualino as Robin/Nightwing

Skins and 3 Musketeers is what Pasqualino is known for. He's played a bad boy in Skins and a hero like in BBC's The Musketeers as D'Artagnan. He's a fresh face with the chops to pull off a troubled orphan turned sidekick turned leader of Young Justice. Pasqualino has the look and though he isn't overly experienced he has done some great work in hat he's played in. I got another glimpse of him in a minor, but important role in Snowpiercer about a train that's like Noah's Arch in a post apocalyptic world. As Grey he looked tough, heroic and showed the necessary skills and athletic ability to portray Nightwing.

William Dafoe - Commissioner James Gordon

Everyone knows who James Gordon is, he's a tough hard nosed cop that works his way through the ranks to become the commissioner of Gotham PD. He knows the identity of Batman and they are close friends. For this film he would be part of the story like In the movie with a different role. This would be his last ride until he retires. Dafoe was the choice because of his portrayal in John Wick as and Spider-Man as Norman Osbourne. In both instances he's been great at playing tough, but as an antagonist this time he could bring those same qualities to a retiring seasoned Jim Gordon.

Alexander Siddig - Ra's Al Ghul

I picked him because of his role in Clash of the Titans and more so for his role in GoT as Doran Martell. On screen he's compelling and does a fantastic job the leader of Doran.

Nicholas Cage - Black Mask

Roman (Black Mask) was raised by a wealthy uptight family after his parents. After a failed attempt at being his father's successor upon his parents "death" Roman was bought out by Wayne Enterprises. From then on he sought his revenge as Black Mask. He is the ruthless leader of the False Face Society who is one of Bats most dangerous foes. Why Cage? He fits the bill. He's Italian he can play a psycho. I have no doubt he could portray the leader of a notorious gang who gets taken over by Jason Todd.

Other Batman characters I want to see. Most of these characters would be in a sequel or spread across the world of Batman. Check them out.

Edward Norton- Riddler

Some people may be annoyed by Edward Norton, but his talent can't be denied. He flamed out as Bruce Banner, but there is a place for him as a schizophrenic mass murderer. I imagine him channeling Derek Vinyard and Eisenheim with a twist making Riddler a a formidable adversary.

Kate Winslet as Poison Ivy

Winslet is inserted in the divergent series, and she should be inserted into the Bat World. Winslet would bring both seduction and the intellect that Ivy displays. She's an excellent actress and would provide a good dynamic with Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, and Ben Affleck.

Daniel Cudmore as Bane

He was booted out as Colossus, but that means a major steal for DC. Cudmore as is perfect, he's 6'8 and has experience playing a comic character. Having him in the Batworld be excellent. Look for him to be in one of my other fan cast.

There you have it, leave your thoughts and share this fan cast.


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