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Overall score/rating 6/10 (C+)

If you like this movie that awesome, and completly respect your opinion 100% but for me personally I think its just okay. Pacifc rim was a movie that I was very excited for, and I mean very excited for.

I was always a big fan of kaiju and monster's such as godzilla and gamrea and many others so I was ment to love this film right............................................................... uhhhhhhhhhh its ok at best, know don't get me wrong I love me some AWESOME!!!!!!! kaiju brawls an such, but i mean in a 2 plus hour long movie there's about 30 min of monster's V.S giant robots fighting at most, at most. So the movie starts out with a very cool pro-lougue, that i personally think should be the whole movie, and if you have seen the movie you probably know what I mean. Than we kick into high gear with some awesome robot V.S monster/kaiju action........but it only last for about 2 or 3 min.

And the main differense between this movie and godzilla 2014 is with godzilla you got alot more monster but in smaller dosis, but in pacific rim you got alot more monter action but it is spreed apart with like 30 min gaps between each fight scene. So for me personally I would go with godzilla 2014 rout and say that its better to have more monster action but just have it in smaller dosis, on like the pacific fimrout, but i guess it all comes down to what your looking for I guess. And yes I do think that godzilla 2014 is a better movie than pacifc fim again it's all just (MY OPINION). So overall I am going to give pacifc tim a 6/10 which equals a C+ grade, its slightly above average at best. Oh and by the way I am so sorry for not doing a review for a while, I just have been very busy latly but now iam back doing reviews daily.

Thanks for reading and take care.


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