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Everlasting Couple I

Dirty Dancing is my favorite old movie. I can’t remember how many times I have seen this film. My stepmom showed it to me because I love to dance when I was a child. Dance was a huge part of my life and I learned a lot of different styles which include jazz, hip hop, tap, and lyrical. Unfortunately, I never had the time to learn ballroom and other partner dancing. When I was in college, I looked back into the Dirty Dancing movie and decided to read Patrick Swayze’s autobiography. I was really inspired by his story and how hard he really worked for his passion in life. The story of Dirty Dancing was set in the 1960s and it’s about a young woman named Frances Houseman A.K.A. Baby, who visited a summer camp with her family called Kellerman’s. Baby has already planned her life out. She wants to go to college, join the Peace Corps, and marry a doctor just like her father. However, that was all about to change when she met a handsome dance instructor named Johnny Castle. Johnny is one of the best at Kellerman’s. He had a beautiful dance partner named Penny and Baby first saw them on the dance floor performing a mambo piece. When Baby found out that Penny was in some kind of trouble because she’s pregnant, Baby had to come up with an excuse to borrow $250 from her father to pay for her illegal abortion. Since Penny can’t really go on with dancing until her issue is resolved, Baby has to take her place as Johnny’s dancing partner. So she has to learn mambo lessons from Johnny in order to perform at the Sheldrake hotel. Throughout Baby’s experience in learning dance, she gets to know more about Johnny and how he becomes a dance instructor. On the night after their performance, Baby and Johnny found out that Penny’s health is in danger. When Baby called her father, Dr. Houseman, to save Penny, that’s when her father learned the truth. He became very disappointed in Baby and he assumed that Johnny was responsible for Penny’s issue. Baby apologized to Johnny for the way her father treated him although he was grateful that he took care of Penny. Johnny started to see more of Baby’s great personality and beauty and according to him, he never known anyone like her. Then Baby confessed on how she feels about him and they both fell in love which developed their beginning of their relationship. However, things started to get more complicated when Johnny was accused of being a staff thief at Kellerman’s after a jealous woman witnessed Baby leaving Johnny’s cabin. Baby tried to convince the owner of Kellerman’s that it was not true and Johnny is not that kind of person. They found out he was innocent but Johnny was still let go because Baby’s father does not approve of him and he is also a very close friend of the owner of Kellerman’s. As the story got closer to the end, Johnny has finally stood up for himself no matter what happens which is very important because Baby has taught him that lesson, to fight for what you want. Baby’s father finally realized that it wasn’t Johnny fault for what happened to Penny and he accepted him into Baby’s life.


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