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Everlasting Couple I

Stomp the Yard came out during my sophomore year in high school and I was searching through the HBO channels at home. When I saw the movie, it was already playing. I was really amazed by all of the performances, choreography, and music. I’ve always been dedicated to the art of dance but I’ve never learned stepping. Music is also really important to me and when I saw that Chris Brown and Ne-Yo were part of this movie, I thought it might be interesting and after seeing this film, I think that people can learn about the importance of teamwork and responsibility and that’s one of the main characters experienced. This is the story of a man named DJ Williams and he is a talented but troubled street dancer. His younger brother, Duron, was killed after battling their routine in a local dance competition. After DJ’s arrest for assault, he was sent to Georgia to live with his aunt and uncle and attend Truth University. His life starts to turn around when he saw a beautiful young woman named April Palmer during the first day of registration. He was instantly attracted to her and the next few days, he was introduced to a world of stepping with different fraternities. However, April has a boyfriend, Grant, and he is one of the best steppers in the university who belongs to a crew called Nu Gamma XI. After DJ danced in a club, a lot of people from different fraternities were really impressed with his moves and started to receive offers to join their team. April noticed that DJ really stood out and they both begin to spend a lot of time with each other. Grant doesn’t treat her right and since DJ came into her life, he made her realized that she’s a woman that deserves to be love and noticed. One of the scenes that I really enjoyed was when they were studying together. DJ has already joined a team called Theta Nu Theta and when he was talking to April, he told her that he noticed everything about her and when she asked him what her favorite color is, he gave the correct answer and that moment really proves on how he feels about her. After April broke up with Grant, she started to fall for DJ but things get difficult when Grant and his members run a background check on him involving his assault. The information was forwarded to the committee of Truth University and they decided to suspend DJ for a year. April’s father is the Dean of the university and when he met with the Dean, he offered a deal to DJ that if he will stop dating April, he can get back with his education. When April found out about the deal, she confronted her father and was really sad and upset because he thinks that Grant is the one for her. April told him that he just lost her as a daughter but her father wants time to fix things. Since it was the day of the national stepping competition, April went over to DJ after she spoke with her father and they both had a deep conversation. DJ blames himself for the death of his brother and thinks that everything is ruined because of him but with April’s support and love, she helped him let go of his sadness and heal his heart. She also told him that her father overturned the committee’s decision and he was able to stay in her life. So, after DJ became a student at Truth University, he changed into a better person and his life is different now. He came back to his crew, received a trophy after winning the Nationals, and plans to continue his future with April.


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