BySean Tehei, writer at

I believe there has been many great villains over the years in both film and comic history. But in the film world there has only been three in my opinion with the "sinister effect". By that I mean there are many villains that give you chills and great character such as Loki from the marvel film universe and Jason from the Friday the 13th series. But there have only been a couple in both the film and comic world that are so evil you are thankful that they don't really exist in the real world. The greatest example in film is Darth Vader, Hannibal lector, Anton Chigurh. But there has only been one who has transcend both the film and comic universe as the villain and that's the joker, but out of all the incarnations Heath ledgers version or the villain is the most sinister. No one thought that Heath coming from the previous films he had done before could do what we now know is a work of art, even jack Nicholson (the previous film joker) had 'the shinning' as proof of what he could bring to the character. Heath's interpretation brought back something that makes the villain so dark and it was something missing from the live action version, it was a twisted sense of humour, a killing style that was real and psychopathic, and a fear in which did not exist. Is version was also true to the comics in as it did not give away a origin (unlike its predecessor "The Batman"), this mystery is one reason the joker is so desired as a intriguing villain and why many villains fall short. Vader, Hannibal, and many others all have origins, the joker doesn't. Why I would say the Heath's joker is better than the others is the fact it is so real. Though huge part due to the Nolan's vision for realism, this character hasn't imagined because this joker had the sense that it was possible to see him in the real world, and that's what most lacked. Furthermore heath's proformence of the joker win him the award of best supporting actor, one of the few awards giving to a superhero genre, the only academy award to be giving to an actor to portray a comic/superhero/villain, and one of the few awards to be giving to an actor playing a villain, joining characters like Anton and Hannibal. My last point would be on what your interpretation of a villain is, for me it's someone that would make you do all you can to stay away from them, someone that made you fill up with fear everytime you see them, and that was heath's ledgers joker


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