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The Nightmare Before Christmas was released in 1993 and has become a household favorite since its original release. It's all about the Pumpkin King who has seemed to have reached his midlife crisis, finding new purpose since becoming too bored with his own holiday and deciding to take over another.

In recognition of this holiday classic, here are some facts that you might not know about this movie.

1. Jack Skellington actually has two voices

Tim Burton didn't think anyone could do the songs justice like composer Danny Elfman, so he agreed to do the singing. However, he didn't want to act for it so they hired Chris Sarandon because his speaking voice matched with Elfman's singing.

2. Tim Burton created the story, however he did not direct the movie

He was working on Batman Returns at the time, and therefore handed over the reigns to Henry Selick.

3. Disney did not want to be associated to the movie

Of course NOW they have their name on the DVD box. However, when the movie originally was set to release they found it too dark for the kids and decided to release it under the name of one of the companies that they owned, Touchstone. Seeing its popularity, however, made them willing to associate themselves with it.

4. They did allow ONE hidden Mickey though

The two dolls attacking the brother and sister were meant to be "Burton" versions of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

5. There is a Danny Elfman cameo

The red haired corpse on the bass of the Halloweentown band is based on him.

6. It took 100 people three years to finish the film

Because of the stop-motion, for every one second, about 12 moves had to be made.

7. Disney wanted to make a sequel

Disney is well known for its straight-to-DVD sequels, so it is no surprise that they wanted to make one to such a popular film. Tim Burton had to put his foot down.

“I was always very protective of [Nightmare Before Christmas], not to do sequels or things of that kind. You know, ‘Jack visits Thanksgiving world’ or other kinds of things, just because I felt the movie had a purity to it and the people that like it. Because it’s not a mass-market kind of thing, it was important to kind of keep that purity of it. I try to respect people and keep the purity of the project as much as possible.”

8. Patrick Stewart was initially meant to be in the film

The movie was based on a poem by Burton, which was meant to open and close the film. However, they decided to go with pieces of it being used in the film, voiced by Santa Claus, and cut out most of the poem. You can hear his version, however, in the full soundtrack of the movie.

9. The idea came about because of stores

Burton had seen Christmas decorations showing up when it was still Halloween and the Halloween merchandise was out. He wondered what it would be like if the two worlds merged.

10. The movie was meant to end very differently

Originally, it was going to turn out that Dr. Finkelstein was actually Oogie Boogie, having become jealous of Sally and Jack's relationship since she was meant to be his friend.


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