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DC has been having great success with their television shows like Flash and Arrow. CW has been the home for these shows and they have overall gained positive feedback from fans and critics alike. But earlier this month it was reported that a Watchmen television series was coming to HBO network. HBO later confirmed these talks but since then nothings else has been said. To many it has a brought up an interesting question: why hasn't DC wanted to put more of their shows on HBO? Personally as a pretty big DC guy I would want DC to move their shows to HBO for a plethora of reasons and this article is to explain to you guys what these reasons are. Let's get started.

1). More Creative Freedom.

Yes I put a Marvel related picture on a DC post. Marvel has been doing an extraordinary job with putting there shows on Netflix. Take Daredevil for example; wanna know why a show like Daredevil was so successful other than it brilliant writing and things like that? It had greater freedom. While shows like Flash and Arrow are pretty good on CW, they lack much creative freedom because of the network which can sometimes make the show suffer (Arrow for example). Can you imagine if a show like Constantine was on HBO? The themes they could explore, storylines, action, and etc. could be amazing. But they are limited to what they can do on CW, Fox, and NBC and at times it can feel like the show lacks in many areas. With HBO there is so much creative freedom that it would allow a show like The Flash to even become a better show, if that is even possible. Gotham could be a much darker television show if it were on HBO and not suffer from cheesy moments and dialogue that fans complain about if it had greater network freedom to work with. Felicity could die quicker on Arrow if she was on HBO because on that network people seem to die, a lot. See my point here? Creative freedom is key to a great television show.

2). Possible DC movie-verse connections.

DC has made it constantly clear that their shows will NOT be connecting to any of their cinematic movies. They gave a pretty good reason for the decision by saying they wanted the creators of their shows to have more creative freedom and not be tied down by the movie universe, but honestly I think the reason why they're not going to connect it is because of the networks thery're on. Daredevil is connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it barely felt like it was connected at all due to the network it was on and the creative process. If a show like Arrow or Flash was on HBO, best believe that all the fans for Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin would get their wish of having them in the DC Extended Universe. HBO would definitely allow DC to have better overall connectivity with their movies and shows.This would make it easier for the creators to tell the story they want to tell, but also connect it to the overall cinematic universe as well. Wouldn't you want to see Henry Cavill's Superman interact with Melissa Benoist's Supergirl?

3). Quality.

Now I'm not knocking DC's shows by any means when it comes to quality. For what network they're on the quality is impressive, but you can tell it's a TV show. Marvel's Daredevil was so good that for a lot of people it wasn't a TV show but a high quality film because of the way it was handled and once again the network it was on. HBO isn't a stranger to quality either as it has some of the best shows on television. Arrow should be exactly like Marvel's Daredevil; that dark, gritty vigilante feel is what would make Arrow such a quality show if it was on HBO. Gotham could be this sort of comic-booky True Detective show and The Flash, well that's already perfect. The point is DC could benefit from some of these shows being more like films than just your average TV show because there's a lot of hidden potential in shows like Gotham and Arrow.

4). More viewership.

HBO is a network that usually gets high ratings with most of its shows. Now any major comic book company cares about money, viewership and all that so why not DC put a comic book show on HBO? The Flash has gained massive ratings but having it on HBO would definitely increase it a step. Just a little train of thought.

Look, I'm fine with the way DC is handling their television universe as it being handled beautifully so far. But I can't help but imagine if all these shows were on HBO. It's not like it can't happen, Time Warner owns HBO and Warner Bros. so it's definitely not out of the realm of possibility. But hey, maybe with these Watchmen/HBO talks that DC will start to take the idea of putting their shows on HBO more seriously. Because trust me, it would be a heavenly dream.

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Should DC start to put their TV shows on HBO?


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