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It's happened to all of us! We've all watched a movie or two that we hadn't seen in a decade or longer, sitting down to enjoy the film from our childhood only to find out we can't even make it through the first half hour! What happened our beloved movie? I know it's made me question whether I wanted to take the chance and ruin other childhood movies were once close to my heart!

Here's a list of films both good and bad, only scroll over the spoiler if you're not afraid of it potentially ruining your childhood!

Brave Little Toaster

This animated comedy follows a group of living appliances as they go on an adventure and search for their master. I remember it being hilarious, the music being catchy. Between this and Toy Story I wondered how many of my appliances and toys came alive when I wasn't around!

It totally does not live up to your childhood memories....sorry! It's neither catchy nor funny and instead of sympathizing with Blanky for being teased by the others I'm just as annoyed as they are with it! In fact watching it as an adult made me despise Toaster because she seems to protect Blanky no matter how annoying it gets!

The Muppets Treasure Island

There are several Muppet movies from the 90s, but this one was always my childhood favorite of the bunch! I loved the music, the humor and let's face it who can't Tim Curry play?

This movie totally holds up to what I remember! In fact I think it's actually funnier as an adult because of the farce romance that Curry plays so well with Miss Piggy! What surprised me was that even the music still held up! I watched this film not too long ago and we were all singing "Cabin Fever" for days after!

Small Soldiers

Do you guys remember this movie? This toy company gets pressured into making the best toy for the holidays so they use military grade chips to make the action figures lifelike! So of course the action figures go to war and destroy a couple of houses in the process!

Surprisingly this movie held up! I mean it's still full of 90s cheesiness but it was actually hilarious! Tommy Lee Jones voiced Major Chip Hazard and no one else could have done it so well! Kirsten Dunst was great. If you can get past the flat ridiculousness of this film and see how impressive the graphics were for its time I definitely recommend watching this one as an adult!

Space Jam

This is arguably the largest movie of the 90s! Michael Jordan, the Looney Tunes and evil aliens. We all remember loving this movie, collecting the action figures and talking about it with our friends for hours right? Plus it had Michael freaking Jordan!

Nope. Don't even watch it. Childhood totally ruined. This movie is completely and totally awful even coming from me, a child in an adult body!

I know several people will hate me for this opinion, but I just found everyone in this movie obnoxious. The Looney Tunes themselves are supposed to be annoying so maybe they get a pass. The aliens are really annoying also, so if I were to re-make this movie I'd make them purely menacing to balance out the Looney Tunes. But Newman bugged the crap out of me, and Michael Jordan himself treated Newman really poorly and this angered me as an adult. The biggest flaw though....MJ just can't act!

Jungle 2 Jungle

This is one of those movies that's probably almost completely forgotten but my brothers and I loved it! The film follows Tim Allen's character as he finds out he has a teenage son that his ex-wife raised in Africa that he's never met. He takes the long lost son back to New York with him because he's a big business man. What could go wrong?

Well pretty much everything. Who'd have realized that a kid raised in the jungle wouldn't know what to do in New York. This movie pretty much ruined my life-long love affair with everything Tim Allen.While the film gets a few things right the majority of it is just overused cliches. The father and son relationship, the cheesy ending and the greedy new fiance that the father has. Maybe it's because I didn't realize all of these cliches as a child so they were acceptable?

The Little Rascals

We should all be familiar with this movie, but if you're not it's about this group of young boys who belong to a "He Man Womun Haters Club". (Yes Woman is misspelled). However one of the boys falls in love with the hated opposite sex so the rest of the gang try to manipulate him and break the two apart but in the end true love wins and the boys become ok with the fact that their bro likes girls.

This is still one of the best movies to come out of the 90s! Go watch it right now! Yes it's filled with cartoon style jokes and the boys get into some ridiculous messes that seem like they're straight out of Family Guy but this film still holds up. Don't even look at the Rotten Tomatoes rating. I'm very confused by it, I still recommend this movie!

James and the Giant Peach

After James' parents mysterious deaths he's taken in by his evil aunts who basically treat him as their slave. One day a man gives James some magical crocodile tongues, but James trips and drops them into the ground. This turns an old peach on an old tree into a gigantic, building sized peach! His aunts decide to sell tickets for the townspeople to come see their peach, but James screws this up too by eating parts of it because they've starved him! Inside the peach he finds anthropomorphic humanoid bugs! A spider, grasshopper, centipede, ladybug, earthworm and glowworm. They befriend him and they decide to steer the peach towards New York City and new lives.

This movie is one I still love! I'm sure it's partially because there is still so much nostalgia ingrained in it for me, but it's a really fun film! James is still a lovable character and because of that you really sympathize with his awful lot in life and you want him to find happiness! He's what makes the film.


Our story starts out at the state fair where a farmer wins a pig which he then leaves with his border collie to raise alongside her puppies. As we meet more animals around the farm we realize that they all have eccentric personalities aside from the border collie, Babe's "mother". As the film continues the family talks openly about eating Babe and he becomes terrified so he asks his collie family to train him to be a sheep dog. They reluctantly agree and Babe goes the state fair with a secret code that force the sheep into doing whatever he says.

Yeah this movie was really awful. Why did everyone love it at the time? Babe is extremely annoying that I was hoping he would get eaten by the family! And the sheep code-word ending was something that bugged me even as a child.


The film opens up in 1969 where a young Robin Williams finds a board game called Jumanji inside of a construction site. The game was obviously buried for some reason, but he doesn't care. He's going to invite this girl who kind of hates him to play it. On his first turn he gets sucked into the game and the girl runs out of the house screaming.

Twenty six years later the house has been re-sold and a young woman, her niece, and nephew move into the house. The nephew finds Jumanji in the attic and he and his sister start playing. They soon realize it's not just a game as a lion is summoned out of the game, as well as a now-adult Robin Williams. As they're forced to finish the game (after tracking down the long lost girl) the boy gets turned into a monkey for attempting to cheat, monkeys destroy their house, and a hunter tries to shoot them at every turn.

The movie is still really really enjoyable....if you can get past the awful CGI. Unfortunately at the time that was the best they could do. The lion, monkeys and other special effects look extremely fake. Like I said though, if you can look past that and appreciate this comedy for what it is it's actually a very entertaining movie. Robin Williams is of course fantastic, and even watching her in this you can tell Kirsten Dunst is destined for great things. That girl is talented!

Well i hope I haven't ruined anyone's entire childhood. Remember these are just my opinions feel free to sound off in the comments on any of these you disagree with!


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