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DEATH! It is inevitable for the upcoming MARVEL Studios film, Captain America: Civil War. A movie based on one of the most impactful and devastating MARVEL comic stroy-lines where all our favorite heroes find themselves rallying behind either Tony Stark or Captain America, facing each other in heart-wrenching battles.

So if the film adaptation stays true to the comics at all, I foresee some death ahead of us, but not only during the Civil War. I believe MARVEL will kill off certain characters to lead up to the War at the beginning of the movie and even before the premiere. Someone from Agents of SHIELD and someone(s) from the movies.

Agent Bobbi Morse.
Agent Bobbi Morse.

Ok, so I (and probably a lot of other Agents of SHIELD/ Hawkeye fans) have been wondering when or if Agent Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird will ever actually meet our favorite Avenging Archer Hawkeye.

For those of you who don't know, Bobbi and Clint (Hawkeye) worked together for SHIELD a lot in the comics. They grew closer and closer over the years until they finally married each other.

When Bobbi first appeared on the show, I first thought that maybe they'd do a SHIELD crossover with the films (or visa versa) so that she and Hawkeye could meet, fall in love, and follow the comic path. However all that changed when this happened...

Hawkeye's wife Laura.
Hawkeye's wife Laura.

He's already married!!! With kids!!! I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm happy for him and Laura and all, but dude! you're supposed to marry Bobbi. It's like how things work.

Anyways, Hawkeye is married and then it turns out Bobbi is in a relationship as well. In the show, she gets reunited with her ex-husband and their love for each other is renewed! And her ex-husband is this bloke.

Lance Hunter.
Lance Hunter.

Hunter is one of the most enjoyable characters of show! He's funny, can kick butt...sometimes, and his constant confused, hopelessness is hilarious! But I have a feeling he might not make it past the month of May when Civil War comes out.

I've been hoping that the Agents of SHIELD would join our other heroes in the next film and with Coulson and Skye...Daisy...geez I can't call her Daisy, she'll always be a Skye to me, man! Anyways, with them putting together and "registering" a team of super-powered individuals I think it's pretty likely they will crossover into Civil War.

And if they crossover, then Bobbi and Hawkeye will finally meet! But the thing is they're both taken by Hunter and Laura. So....they are going to die. And possibly Hawkeye's kids too. And no, I'm not just a dark minded guy who thinks if someone's in the way they should die. I actually have some reasoning behind all this.

Let's start with Hawkeye's side of things.

So at the end of Age of Ultron, Hawkeye returns home to his wife and kids. He said that fighting Ultron would be his last mission and that now he was done he'd stay at home from now on.

Why am I bringing this up you may ask. Well it's because he's in Civil War, but how can he be in that if he's retired from superhero business? Something has to happen to throw him back into this world.

Now it could just be because most of his friends and former team members are trying to kill each other, but I've got another idea. Either his wife or his his wife and kids are killed somehow because of the events leading up to the War in the movie. Without his family he has nothing keeping him from being a superhero. Also, if my family were killed, personally it'd make me want to shoot bows and arrows at stuff. Just sayin'.

Now back to Bobbi and Hunter.

As much as I love the character, I don't see a whole lot of potential in Hunter for the show. He was fun at first, then we found out Bobbi was his ex, he's really not all that deep of a character, so I don't see how they can keep him interesting enough for the show. Not until after he gets his revenge on Ward for torturing and shooting Bobbi, that is.

So, for the season finale of the show, big things are gonna happen. And I wouldn't be surprised if there was a death. And killing off Hunter would make a dramatic and emotional death scene, making for a very powerful ending of a season. And that would solve the problem of keeping up interest of the character.

Then the MARVEL logo rolls, we all get those chills we get when it happens, the theater goes dark for a split second, and then the screen in front of us bursts into life and we're watching Civil War.

Bobbi and Hawkeye maybe both end up on the same side during the War, meeting each other obviously. They both recently lost their loved ones, so they share the same pain, the same hurt. But sharing that pain allows them to heal each other's wounds, causing them to ultimately fall for each other.

So what do y'all think? Do you think that this could happen? I'd say it's pretty likely. Let me know down below! Thanks for reading! Whose side are you on?


Will Hunter and Laura die?


Whose side are you on?


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