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There's no denying that Avengers: Age of Ultron was a hit. With a 187 million dollar opening weekend, a global total of 1.403 billion dollars and a fresh score of 74 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, it was obvious that Marvel had another hit. However it seems it didn't receive the same love that the first Avengers movie, which had a 94 Rotten Tomatoes score, 207 million opening and 1.52 billion global gross. As everyone knows, there was a huge debate war between fans as to whether or not the movie was actually good, and some of the comments were so negative that Joss Whedon shut down his Twitter account and backed out of the sequel.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about. Instead I'm going to bring up some facts about the film as to why (in my personal opinion) it's a better movie and deserves a bit more love.

It's not 'Iron Man 2.5'

Forget drive-thrus, he's doing fly-thrus
Forget drive-thrus, he's doing fly-thrus

As much fun as the original film was, I noticed after multiple viewings that Iron Man is the only character other than Loki that people seem to actually care about. In the year prior to it's release, Marvel had given Thor and Captain America their onscreen debuts, but they were both 'meh' movies and it felt as if their only purpose was to build up The Avengers. Now that we've had Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Avengers are now a well-balanced team in terms of coolness.

More H&H

The Hulk and Hawkeye are probably the most underused characters in the MCU. Hawkeye was mostly a brainwashed soldier for Loki in the first movie and Bruce Banner never really turned into the green giant until the final act. As the time came for a sequel, it was revealed that the archer and the muscle would have bigger roles and in 'Age of Ultron', Hulk is seen smashing bad guys and buildings at various points from start to finish and Hawkeye is given proper character development, kicking HYDRA and Ultron butt, and squaring off with the other wiseguy, Quicksilver. Which leads to my next point...

First official MCU character death

As seen in the final battle on the floating city, Quicksilver is shot when saving Hawkeye (yes I didn't see that coming). Marvel fans just brushed this off as another death of a character who will come back in a later project. But Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who starred in the role, stated in an interview that he had a contract for one movie. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out what that movie was.

Intriguing backstory for the female Avenger

There's no doubt that Joss Whedon was under intense pressure to deliver an amazing follow-up blockbuster while also setting up Civil War, Ragnorok, and Black Panther. But despite that pressure, Joss has managed to give us a setup for a possible Black Widow solo flick. Iron Man, Thor, Cap, and Hulk (the 2008 movie still counts as canon) all had their own backstories told by the time The Avengers came out, and because Black Widow had been just a supporting character in Iron Man 2 and appeared nowhere else in the MCU prior to the first film, she in turn felt like a supporting role the same way Hawkeye was. The only difference was she wasn't brainwashed for half the movie. It would be a smart move for Marvel to deliver a movie exploring Natasha Romanoff's past in the future, and with interest in female superheroes on the rise, not only would this help the Marvel in box office numbers, but also make the MCU more gender balanced. Also, I think a Scarlet Witch movie would be awesome...

An iconic villain

Just as Bowser is to Mario, and the Red Skull is to Captain America, Ultron is the Avengers main enemy. The movie is no different, he's menacing, a major threat and it takes ten Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Vision, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Iron Patriot) to take him down. In the comics, he has come back from the dead time and time again, and although he may seem to be a one-off villain, there is the possibility that he could come back to wreck havoc again.

In brief, Age of Ultron is a hint that darker chapters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are ahead, and only time will tell what happens in the end.

What did you think of Age of Ultron? Was it better? Worse? Comment down below!


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