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In the month of October, one name is synonymous with horror binge watching. That name is Michael Myers. Being the first in terms of the big three (Michaels Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger), this sequel for some reason it almost always met by fans as "one of if not the best Halloween sequel. For some this may be true, but when compared to the original, Halloween 2, or even Halloween H20, this film fails to cohesively deliver on what was vaguely set up at the end of the fifth film.

There are however, a few notable differences in the Producer's Cut that work for the film, rather than against it.

  • The original opening starts out with Jamie (J.C. Brandy) being wheeled down a hall, on her way to give birth. This sequence is fast, full of quick cuts, accentuating the urgency of the situation. In the Producers Cut, the trip getting Jamie to delivery is presented less frenetically, complete with opening titles that match the other films far better.
  • The introduction of Dr. Loomis presents an interesting take on where his burns went (plastic surgery). It wasn't the greatest idea but at least provided an explanation, where as in the theatrical cut, it seemed like production didn't care enough to bring back his burns.
  • The "death" of Jamie Lloyd. Probably the most notable change to the narrative is how and when Jamie is actually killed. In the theatrical cut Jamie escapes the cult with her baby, thanks to the completely random self sacrifice of a now guilty nurse. I mean really, she couldn't save her before they forced her to have a baby? She travels to a bus station managing to call a radio station that Dr. Loomis just so happened to be listening to. After a few moments of rest she's tracked down by the relentless Myers, forcing her back on the road where she ends up in a barn. This is where things switch up. In the theatrical cut, Myers slams Jamie onto what i assume is some type of tractor, which delivers the finishing blow. In the Producers Cut, she is stabbed onscreen and falls to the ground, saving her death for a far less climatic way, for a character that is after all the daughter of Laurie Strode.
  • The ending is i think one thing that both hurt, and helped the film. The cult aspect of the film is somewhat abandoned in the theatrical for a final showdown with Michael, ending in Dr. Loomis finding his mask left behind.
Halloween 6 Theatrical Ending
Halloween 6 Theatrical Ending

The new ending follows through on the promised cult story line but i'll leave that up to you, whether or not that story line needed to happen at all!

Really? Dr. Loomis is now part of the cult and Michael has moved up to the Man in Black? Right...

After many years of viewing one of the greatest horror franchises, I can easily say this Producers Cut, IMO, never needed to be released outside of being a special feature inside a collectors box set. The film offers other smaller differences, as well as an answer of who the father or Jamie's baby is, but it's not enough to save this film. It should be called Halloween: The Cut Nobody Should Have Ever Seen.


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