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1- Scott McCall

1- The True Alpha will try to bring his pack back together.

2- Then he will try to give them hope.

3- Scott will be a Bada$$ Alpha.

4- Scott and Stiles will fight for Stilinski's life.

2- Dylan O'Brien

1- Stiles will have a lot on his mind the first episodes.

2- Scott & Stiles will have a fight.

3- We'll get funny Stiles back.

4- Stiles will get into his dad's shoes and do some detective work (like always).

5- Stiles and Lydia will have a moment.

La Bete is going to be HUGE.

3- Lydia Martin

1- She will be in Eichen House.

2- Lydia will get a new mentor and use her voice as a weapon.

3- Lydia will get out of Eichen House in episode 16.

4- Kira Yukimura

1- Kira will be back in episode 12

2- Kira will be in Mexico in episode 12.

3- Kira will still love Scott.

4- Kira will be Bada$$.

5- Malia Tate/Hale

1- Malia and Breaden will have a lot of screen time.

2- Malia will have her own villain, The Desert Wolf.

6- Liam Dunbar & Hayden Romero

1- Liam will learn.

2- Liam will have a fight scene in Episode 15.

3- Liam and Hayden will get back together.

4- Liam and Scott will not be friends.

5- Liam and Hayden are like a Romeo and Julliete story.

7- Theo Raeken

1- Theo will still cause Trouble at the beginning.

2- Theo wants to be a real Werewolf.

3- We will find out about Theo's past.

4- We will get to know if Theo is really bad.

5- Theo will try to get back on Scott's good side.

6- Theo thinks "La Bete" is his shot to become a real werewolf.

8- Jordan Parrish

1- Parrish and La Bete will have a huge fight.

2- Parrish probably will join the pack.

9- Mason Hewitt

1- Mason will finally get love.

2- Mason and Liam will help eachother a lot.

10- Chris Argent

He'll be back to help Scott.

11- Stiles Stilinski

He'll be back too.

12- Deucalion

He'll have a talk with Theo.

13- Brett Talbot

1- Brett will be back in Episode 17

2- Brett will help the pack.

Also Corey and Tracy will be back.

The Desert Wolf will be back too.

Where is Alan Deaton?

Are the Dread Doctors still making Chimeras?

Will Kate or Gerard be back?

1- Gerard could be a good storyline.

2- Also Scott has to beat Kate's ass.

Isaac and Jackson back?

1- It has been a rumor that isn't denied by Jeff Davis.

2- Daniel Sharman said he would love to come back.

3- Colton haynes didn't denie it in neither one of his 5 or more Interviews.

When will the pack be back together?

  • Episode 11 is all about keeping Stilinski alive and talking and introducing the characters.
  • Episode 12 is all about Scott and Stiles.
  • Episode 13 is all about bringing Kira back into the pack
  • Episode 14 is all about bringing Malia back
  • Episode 15 and 16 is all about bringing Lydia back (Episode 16 probably about Liam too)
  • Episode 17 is about the new people in the pack or even the old people back into the pack. (Isaac and/or Jackson, Parrish and Brett)
  • Episode 18 is all about fighting back.
  • Episode 19 is about rescuring people.
  • Episode 20 is all about winning and a happy ending with probably a cliffhanger.


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