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Barry Allen, in his mid 20's with a gift he doesnt know how to use. Barry can run faster than the speed of light within seconds. 9 months before he could run faster than the speed of light, S.T.A.R Labs initiated a Particle Accelerator online for 45 minutes and they achieved it until their was a mental breakdown when suddenly Central City was hit with a loud bang and the Particle Accelerator blew uo and whatever the particled were they were released into the air killing 17 people and injured countless more.

When the Particle Accelerator exploded it created a storm cloud above the Central City Police Department electrocuting Barry sending him into the 9 month coma.

After S.T.A.R Labs took Barry into their care, they found out that their were other people like him called Meta-Humans and they had special abilities. One can morph himself into other people by touching them. One can make a bomb by touching anything. There are many more with such incredible abilities but they all chose the evil way.

Barry has saced countless lives from fires, people falling from buildings. In Season 2 Iris West was looking for a story for the CCPN and 2 men started shooting at her. She phoned Barry and he told her to jump out of a window and he ran to save her.

Barry is the saviour of Central City. He got the key to the city, he stopped Meta-Humans like Clyde Mardon and his brother Mark. Patty Spivot's father was shot by Maek for a few hundred dollars by sime random man.

' I learned your name, Barry Allen.' - Eobard Thawne to Barrt Allen.
'' Good luck Barry.'

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