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With the anticipation for the DCEU's second ever film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice currently boiling over, it's no surprise that fellow hype-stirrers like myself are looking to get you all even more psyched. Whether it's about Batman, Superman, or Aquaman, don't worry, you can come here to get that extra little kick of excitement.

Okay, maybe not about Aquaman...
Okay, maybe not about Aquaman...

This time around, I'm contributing to the constantly hungry web with details on the plot line of the upcoming BvS film. I know, I know, it's not The Avengers - but it's the next best thing.

The info that I have available for your reading today is all to do with exactly how much Batfleck is going to be shoved in our faces this coming March. If you prefer Supes, this is bad news (and also, why the heck do you prefer Superman), but if you're all for Mr. Wayne, it's all good from here on out.

So, getting onto the subject, it has just been revealed by Total Film magazine that Dawn of Justice will open with a 'Batman prologue', in order to set up his hatred towards Mr. Kent. As we know from the trailer, we'll be seeing Bruce react to the Man of Steel battle between Superman and General Zod as it happens - but that's not all we'll be getting.

We're going to be getting a near-full backstory, with details on Batman's past and all that jazz. We'll be getting our fair share of Alfred, too, just so we can really get a feel for the character dynamics on Batman's side of the wall. When speaking about this very prologue, Henry Cavill said this:

What happens is that one of Bruce’s buildings gets destroyed. He’s trying to save all the people inside the building, but he can’t. So, by the end of it, he's this angry person who fears what Superman has the ability to do. Why are they just going to trust this superpowered alien? What if he does decide to turn against us?

Ben Affleck himself also commented on the prologue we'll get to see, and the possibility of Batman being built up to be the villain o the movie:

One of the interesting things about playing Batman is that he functions in some ways as an antagonist. You have to remember, this is Batman versus Superman. He’s found himself in a place of harboring a tremendous amount of rage for Superman. So it’s how he got there, and what that’s done to him, and what that’s done to people around him like Alfred, who are, I think, very scared and worried for him. It’s something that’s interesting and new.
Hopefully not this interesting and new...
Hopefully not this interesting and new...

Not only that, but producer Charles Roven explained that Ben Affleck’s Batman is “jaded” and “darkened” by his long crime-fighting career. He’s also tougher and different, and not against using “questionable methods” to keep the Gotham City clean. Probably most noteworthy of the recently-revealed facts is that Batman will still be a vigilante being hunted by the GCPD in the upcoming reel.

Personally, I'm all for seeing more Batman. He hasn't had his own solo film yet, so I think this one should probably center around him a little more. Let me know what you guys think by taking the poll, or leaving your thoughts in the comments! Until next time :)

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