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The Foot. The ninja that started off as a parody of Daredevil's own Villainous ninja clan (known as The Hand) had quickly cemented themselves as one of the most popular ninja organizations in all forms off media that the Turtles have graced. We all know the hierarchy for the clan. The Genin (Lower ranked ninja) shown by the Grunts, the Chunin (Uper ranked ninja) Foot Elite led by the one and only Karai and all following the Jonin (Big boss kind of deal) ninja known as The Shredder.

In ever version of TMNT, these are the first enemies we are introduced to and probably the most resilient given the years. Even in the 2003 series when Shredder was an alien piece of bubble gum...

Not even kidding, this happened.
Not even kidding, this happened.

The foot are the ones that are always present where the turtles are concerned.

A thought had crossed my mind recently. However, there was another whom served under Shredder as a chunin and second in command. He was in the original comics, he was in the first two movies and he was tasked with training the new genin the Foot recruited. I'm talking about the original right hand...


He had a temper to him sure...

That rage however came from his devotion to his master and how The Rat (As Shredder called Splinter) had angered him.

If Tatsu was such a big guy in the movies and comics why haven't we seen anything new with him?

There could be any number of reasons really. Karai and her back story always did seem more compelling. He was never really fleshed out other than being this giant, ninja badass that got wishbone crunched by the terrapin shinobis in the second movie. This dude was painted to be awesome but never had the chance to shine. It's sad too because these days where the movies and the shows have better standards for violence as a whole this guy could be amazing and easily make a comeback.

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