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Taken, when it first came out was amazing. It was that same action schlock we all love, with a story about the lengths a father would take to save his daughter from skin peddlers. Also, it gave us this one bit of awesome we can't help but quote when we see it:

We all loved the movie to some degree and when the sequel came out we rushed to it.

You know what? This movie was just as good. Of course it felt more like a retread of the original while twisting it to make it pretty enjoyable. Instead of the daughter being taken it was Bryan Mills (Neeson) and Lenore. It showed us the consequences of Bryan's rampage and showed that once you take something someone's always gonna want something back in return. Though it wasn't as great as the first, the second does hold a great spot and made enough to make a sequel...

This is kind of where it went wrong though. When the sequel was originally announced it was stated that they wanted to focus on a new character, maybe a female main. I for one was for it. Liam was awesome but he at that point was reaching Danny Glover territory in the series. I felt like it was time to change. You could easily make him a main character, but why not give the reigns to someone new?

That unfortunately didn't happen. What we did get was a movie about Bryan being set up for Lenore's death and a wave of death and destruction soon followed.

For guns and destruction, the movie isn't bad, but it is by no means great. It goes from an A-list movie to B pretty quick and that's sad for such a great title.

What Could have Been Done?

This is just my opinion, but maybe they should've kept with the idea of switching the focus to a new main character. Who? Well we already know her.

Kim Mills would've been the perfect female lead to take over the franchise. We know her story, what she survived and how strong she had become. She had all the potential to become next in the line of Mills badasses.

Take the movie a few more years into the future where Kim is enlisted. After all the years of growing closer to her father and what he did to save her, she may have felt that she could hang in that world after having first hand experience. Have her in training, have her stumble on something that could make her and her family a target. Have her boyfriend/fiance taken to give it that same Taken feel that the movies are known for and put Bryan in a mentor/partner role as she goes after the men who've taken from her. Boom!

We have a new female hero and I see her saying the line, "No one takes from me. Not anymore."

What do you guys think? Would that be fun? Did you think all three were amazing? Let me know in the comments below or...


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