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rickey russell

Have you ever wondered what the scariest horror Halloween costumes are that people pick? Well with all the choices out there and an almost endless supply of horror inspiration it could seem like a hard choice to make. Well, Halloween is just around the corner so time is of the essence. You may think that it would be easy to not be seen as just another cat in the crowd, or creepy but sexy Freddy Krueger, well the tendency to migrate toward specific horror icons for inspiration puts people more a like than you would imagine.

Just how close are you to becoming the other-other Sam? Check out the infograph created by Angels Fancy Dress , a fancy dress supplier and Oscar winning costumier for movies like Bram Stokers Dracula and more recently Woman in Black, showing the most picked legends of fright to go as on our most hallowed of holidays-Halloween.

I have to say that the infograph does offer a nice little peek into fellow horror family's and costumers' psyche. Pretty much every character shown here, representing the top icons chosen for Halloween-and if we expand a bit-even cosplay, are the very characters I tend to migrate toward with movie watching, cold days that I crave a comfort classic horror with some snacks. However who wins the best or most realistic at the party or festival, is still up in the air and completely dependent on how intense you get into creating these delightful boogie men.


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