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Michael Jones
...ming". So "SS" wore a dress that showed her off and the media focused on it. That seems to me to be the purpose of wearing something like that... to be the center of attention and "feel sexy". Instead, we have this author complaining about how her boobs stole the show like it is a crime that "SS" wore something that attracted attention to her body. As far as I can remember, I don't believe I have ever seen Sarah reported on as being "sexy". I've seen lot's of articles and reporting of how funny she is and stuff, but not much (if anything) about her good looks. Then she does a movie about Depression, Anxiety, and other associated mental health issues which often include negative body image problems. Then, at an event about her new movie, she wears something to proclaim she is not controlled by such issues, get's positive feedback, and such positive feedback is denigrated as being something to be ashamed of. Just because she did a serious role does not mean she must immediately dress in the way everyone else thinks she should. She dressed sexy, it got attention, people reported on her and now others know of this movie. Red-carpet reporting has never been about the movie being seen, it is always about the visual and audio impression the "stars" on the carpet give off.

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