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Michael Tobin
I'm sorry everyone has a right to an opinion I just find this theory to be ridiculous. First of all it is obviousin the trailer that Han says we are home to Chewbacca in side the Millennium Falcon. From what else they have told us about the movie is Han Solo is in a different ship in the beginning of the film, so I believe the Chewy we're home comment is meant to be about being back in the Falcon. Secondly who would of taught Leia the ways of the Dark side?? What she went to Koraban all in her own??? Is Koraban even still going to be canon? No I don't think this is happening. If anything Leia is like Padama you know government official fighting for the side of peace a freedom while Luke is like his father warrior, pilot, Jedi. The Aftermath book touched in a couple things, with the talking of Palpatine still being alive or one of his clones or body doubles, the mystious general at the end of the book Sloan was answering to and the withches or whatever in the cave that the guy sold Darth Vader light saber to. If it was even his light saber. Those witches will have something to do with the Knights of Ren. That's general may turn out to be Serkis' character. But Leia and Luke will both be good guys. I think Luke shows up at the end to save his friends. Whatever happens in this movie Luke will not be seen until the end I think Han and Chewie are captured and Luke shows up at the end to save the day. If Han lives he will then say something like now I owe you another one kid lol. Gonna be a great movie so excited

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