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The gorgeous new poster for The Revenant, besides its trailers, indicates that the film is on route to Oscars obviously. But the big question is, is it going to get the director Alejandro González Iñárritu and his director of photography, Emmanuel Lubezki the Golden statue again? Both took the top awards with Birdman last year.

The Oscars aside, with The Revenant, I have come to know of a special bond that I thought I would never feel or possess. The more I see its trailers, and now the new poster, it makes me as a screenwriter feel very optimistic even in this blockbuster-ism epoch. Not that I was ever going to give up as a writer, that's not the case, at all. Seeing a film like The Revenant being appreciated before its release, there is hope. After all, the story, cogent, in any genre one writes, will always matter. There's always room it's safe to say. So, thanks to a film like The Revenant. More importantly, thanks go to its absolute idea, the concept that got the film-makers, actors enticed.

I have not read the book yet, which is based in part on the novel by Michael Punke. Part of it is because as a cinephile, I want to dive deep into the lens of Lubezki's first, nurtured by Inarritu, to capture the natural light, which proffers the sheer beauty of the God-given rays on earth, where walks the men, the characters limned by Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, and respectively, the rest of the cast members.

The Revenant will be a pure cinematic experience, meaning that not only we're going to be witnessing a compelling film, but the best method of film-making once we all see it on the big screen.

The poster was first revealed by the film's official Twitter page


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