ByAlly Edwards, writer at

From all the buzz and promotion surrounding Scream Queens in it is beginning, many thought it was going to be an instant hit, especially among the younger crowd. But were they wrong? Starting off with a fairly decent debut, Scream Queens premiered with a 2-hour episode that garnered only 4 million views even though The Muppets, which premiered right before, had over 8 million views. Way to go Kermit.

Ever since then, the number of viewers has been dropping. And why is this? Perhaps it's just too ridiculous a concept for it to even become a show that keeps getting renewed when you wish it wouldn't. The sorority girls being tormented by the Red Devil are so dumb that everything they do is frustrating because it is obviously the exact opposite of what should really happen. Oh, a certain sorority is being targeted and killed? Maybe leave the school or, I don't know, drop the sorority so you don't die!

But, alas, these girls are determined to lock themselves in their house with no way out giving the Red Devil easy access. At first I thought that this show had potential but the possibility for redemption keeps slipping further and further away with each episode. Pretty Little Liars makes more sense than this does.

With the ratings falling, will those who keep watching because it is just too tempting to find out who is behind that devil mask, even be able to ever find out? If it continues in this downward spiral, there's a good chance it will head to the chopping block. Sadly the star-studded cast just didn't cut it with such a weird and out there storyline.

If you want to save Scream Queens from the imminent doom of cancellation then you better start tuning in on Tuesdays at 9 on Fox!


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