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Marvel includes some of the biggest actors in the world right now in its films. So it isn't all that surprising when we see several of them cast together in other films, having worked together on big projects before. Especially due to the sheer number of actors that Marvel encompasses throughout all of its film and TV projects. But when we find out that another emerging cinematic universe is set to star a total of FIVE Marvel actors in their first two films? That seems kind of crazy! Want to know something even crazier? Within the MCU, only two of the characters that these actors play have even met!

So who are these actors, and which cinematic unvierse is it?

The Godzilla-King Kong Universe!

Yes, that's right! The recent confirmation that these two legendary creatures will square off once more in a 2020 film has told us what we all expected, there is a cinematic universe coming! Now let's look at the first two films and the beloved Marvel actors in them!

Godzilla! (2014)

Godzilla was, in my personal opinion, a great film. It didn't show as much of the goliath as we would like to see, but that will be rectified in future films. It was a great build-up to an epic final fight, and even if Bryan Cranston didn't make it half as long as I would like, it was a success. Everyone knows by now the famous Marvel pairing that took the lead roles in this film!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson!

Yes, Quicksilver himself was the lead in Godzilla. As Ford Brody, he stole Godzilla's screen time with his daring military escapades. He was a great lead actor, and I hope we see him in the sequel!

Elizabeth Olsen!

Alongside Johnson, as is becoming natural for them, was Elizabeth Olsen. While they may have been twins in Age of Ultron, they were husband and wife as they tried to escpae the carnage caused by Godzilla and the MUTOs. While Johnson may or may not be returning to Marvel, Olsen certainly is in Captain America: Civil War!

Now, we already knew about those two, but the other three are all set to star in the next installment of this supposed cinematic universe, namely:

Kong: Skull Island!

That's right. Kong: Skull Island will be coming into theatres in 2017, a year before Godzilla 2. So far it seems to have trouble keeping its cast members for very long, but it seems finally to have set on who will be travelling to the dangerous island. Three such unfortunate souls are definitely Marvel actors, and one of them is one of your favourites!

Tom Hiddleston!

That's right, leading the charge to find the infamous Kong will be the God of Mischief himself. Tom Hiddleston has gone from adored to A-lister this year with his performance in Crimson Peak and the upcoming Hank Williams biopic I saw the Light making him a very well known face around Hollywood. We can expect him to give Kong a boost in ratings with his leading role.

Samuel L. Jackson!

Because he just has to say "I've had enough of this mother f*cking ape on this mother f*cking island!"

Of course that isn't the only reason I'm excited to see Nick Fury himself on Skull Island. If there is one actor with enough experience to stop a herd of stampeding elephants in its' tracks, it's him. I can't wait to see what kind of role he takes on, because he has proved recently that he can do villain (Django Unchained, Kingsman: The secret Service) every bit as well as he can do hero (Snakes on a plane, Avengers Assemble).

John C. Reilly!

While not quite as big a star in the Marvel Universe, Reilly is a big star, and I am excited to see him on Skull Island as well. His performance as Corpsman Dey in Guardians of the Galaxy was brilliant and hilarious. I would love to see more of him in GOTG2 as well.

So that's quite an invasion from Marvel actors there, but the real question is:

Will there be more?

Well, if Pacific Rim turns out to interact with this universe, as so many fans hope for, then Idris Elba (Heimdall in the Thor films) would make six, and you never know who from these films may appear in future Marvel films. Bryan Cranston (Godzilla) has expressed interest in appearing as a Marvel villain, and I could still see Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim) being Iron Fist, if Marvel still choose to bring him into the Netflix world. Until then, let's just enjoy seeing all of these awesome actors in Marvel and Kaiju films!

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