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Today, I was /just/ fortunate enough to attend a Sherlock panel at the London Comic Con event on Saturday, and it was incredible. The panel consisted of Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss (Who plays Mycroft Holmes,) Sue Vertue, and Amanda Abbington (Who plays John's wife, Mary,) and showed us both the trailer for the upcoming christmas special, and gave us a little more insight in to it!

The Christmas Special Shall Be Titled "The Abominable Bride"

Now, they didn't give too much away as to why it was called this, however Mark mentioned that it was a completely original story. It was mentioned that the title is based off a Sherlock Holmes book, "The Abominable Wife and Other Unrecorded Cases", but that the story would be original, and would focus a lot more on Mrs Hudson than the book tends to, which personally, I think is awesome.

The Episode Airs on the 1st of January

Finally, a date! The episode will air "In the late evening of the 1st of January, in both the UK and America." So to all you Americans out there, fear not! At this point, Mark made a comment that it would be the 1st of January 2024, and I sincerely hope that it's only a joke, but then again, it's Sherlock. Anything is possible.

The Episode Will Be Shown In Cinemas!

Yes! The christmas special will be broadcast in a number of Odeon cinemas across the country, and i'm not sure there's a better way to be spending New Year's Day! I can certainly think of worse!


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