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Caleb (19 Years Old), cousin of 2 siblings was driving on the highway. Jessica (17 Years Old), David (13 Years) were getting a ride by him as David sat in the back seat and Jessica sat in the passenger seat. They were driving on the highway. A car, mustang, started to drive behind them. They were staying out in the middle of no where and they started driving through a corn field with a road in the middle of it. Jessica questioned the car that has been flowing them since the highway. There was a little road on the side of the cornfield. To make sure the car wasn't following them, they turned, but sure enough the car followed them. Caleb stepped on the gas and took off as fast as he could, all you could see were two headlights behind them, going faster and faster. Once Caleb, Jessica and David got to the house, they ran inside as the car parked up into the driveway. A man wearing a black trench coat holding an axe knocked on the door, screaming "Let me in now!!"

The three called the police and the guy went around the side of the house. When the police arrived they did a quick search inside of the house, and out. Noticing that the basement window was open and the man was hiding under the staircase when he heard the sirens. If the police wouldn't have come in time, the man would have attacked, and probably killed the three. The police arrested the man that night, finding out the same guy was a guy who broke out of a prison 3 weeks before, and was charged for murdering 7 people before.


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