ByBob Beard, writer at
he is as strong,fast,agile,and enurable as a human can be... the other people on the list are peak for them .. that is a huge difference ... as for your picks ...1) the closer to a full moon the stronger moon knight is that could gove him an edge in strength but the rest goes to cap , and if wolverine can not cut through the shield what in the world makes you think moon knight can. 2) Bat's thats a really tough fight .. gadgets give an edge to bat man but physicly cap has the advantage their first meeting i gove cap the win but any meeting after that and batmans ready for him(and cap is my favorite hero) 3)Black panther? Really? They are not in the same league as fighters ... sorry not even close 4)task master .... he can fiht with caps moves but he is not caps physical equal ... no dice 5)spiderman ... i can see this he has super human physical attributes but is not mentall or tacticly a warrior ... could go either way .. but if were adding in super humans why not thor,hulk,galactus,i mean spiderman lifts 10 tonns ... I think you skewed this artical to represent who you like ...

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