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This last year the tabloid press has had a field day reporting on Ellen's marriage issues, and according to some online news pages that may not be changing anytime soon--if you happen to believe those news pages, that is.

Randy Jernigan, a well-known celebrity journalist and screenwriter, has penned a new book titled The Life and Career of Ellen Degeneres and several online reports say that the book will reveal dark secrets about Degeneres and her marriage to de Rossi

According to an article posted on Radaronline, Jernigan spoke to quite a few of the dancing comedians close colleagues and friends to obtain the information found in the book. The author was quoted as saying:

"Many fans don't know that Ellen and Portia have had a very tumultuous romance since the very beginning"

The Radaronline article goes on to say that Jernigan believes that a lot of the high profile couples problems stem from de Ross's self-hatred and destructive behaviors. But is that really what the book is about? I don't really think so.

The author recently came clean to me in a phone interview from his Utah home telling me that he had been misinterpreted and misquoted on several different occasions by over excited tabloid journalists looking for a sensational story line.

"These writers put words in my mouth and accused me of saying things about Ellen and Portia that I just never said. They tried to use me as a scapegoat and blame me for saying that Ellen and Portia were getting a divorce, which I never said--that's just not what this book is about"

According to a press release from the authors publishing house, the book is expected to chronicle Ellen's early childhood years, little known details of her private life, including her romance with Portia, as well as he long career and as comedian and television host.

Guess we won't really know until we read the book for ourselves. Fact is, a tell-all book is never what a celebrity wants to see about themselves, but hopefully Ellen and Portia's union is strong enough that they'll be able to move forward no matter what.

Another piece of gossip I'm hearing from my sources--this book may be turned into a television movie just like the authors Marie Osmond biography is. How exciting is that?


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